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Wine with Macabeo grapes

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Macabeo is one noted white wine grape variety which is highly admired of its flavors. This variety of white wine grape is popular in northern Spain.


All kinds of different flavors of wines produced from Macabeo is tasted and admired by the wine lovers in the northern Spain.

In terms of its appearance, it is light skinned in color. The production of this variety of white wine grape is carried out in full swing in the hot as well as dry regions of northern Spain where this grape is let to mature by all the wine producers.

This grape buds a little late as compared to other varieties of white wine grape and this is why it is less likely to be affected or harmed by the unwanted frost.

The grape of Macabeo is majorly used in the preparation of mildly acidic as well as young white wines that are usually suitable for their early consumption or blending with the other varieties of wine.

One amazing property of this grape is that it could be blended with both, red as well as white wines.

Wine grape varieties

Macabeo is also blended with the varietals of Xarel-lo as well as Parellada where it is used in the production of a range of fine sparkling Spanish wine called Cava.

This variety of white wine grape is referred as the main grape of the white Rioja and this is the reason Macaebo is blended in little amounts with red Garnacha as well as Tempranillo in both oaked as well as unoaked forms.

Right after this grape was introduced in Rioja, it replaced Garnacha Blanca and Malvasia owing to its ability of withstanding the oxidation.

A variety of other wines are also prepared with this white wine grape. The wines made from Macabeo are dry in their nature and medium as to acidity. Macabeo is also used in the fortified wines if it is picked late from its vine.

Macabeo is known to the world under a number of names in different regions and languages such as Blanca De Daroca, Alcanol, Charasblanc, Alcanon, Gredelin, Forcalla, Lardot, ListanAndaluzskii, Listan Andaludshii, Subirat, Tokay, Viuna, Ugni Blanc and many more.

Some of these synonyms of this variety of white wine grape are also considered as the proper names of other varieties of grapes.


Macabeo owes its origin to Spain. To be more specific, this wine grape is planted abundantly in the northern regions of the country. Not only in the northern region, Macabeo is also found in the southern parts of Spain, along the Mediterranean coast.

The southern notable areas; where the vinification of this white wine grape in the southern region of Spain is done in the areas of Yecla, Jumilla and Valencia.

Macabeo in Spain is used as one major ingredient in the production of white wines from Rioja. The locals call it Viura. It is used in each wine district of Catalonia, especially in the preparation of the sparkling Cava wines.

Apart from Spain, the viniculture of this white wine grape is also carried out in some parts of France. Though, the cultivation of Mcabeo is not so flourished in the regions of France, yet this variety is well respected by the local cultivators of this region.

The southern parts of Languedoc-Roussillon are the regions where the cultivation of Macabeo is carried out by the locals.


This grape is not so vulnerable to oxidation, which certainly makes it superior to all other varieties of grapes. Macabeo entertains several high levels of antioxidant resveratrol monomers which make this grape resistant to oxidation.

This grape is also used as a major ingredient in the blending of red as well as white wines. As stated earlier, this grape is mostly combined with Malvasia and Garnacha Blanca in Roja as well as with Parellada and Xarel-lo in Catalonia.

The wines produced out of this variety of white wine grape are usually dry and medium in terms of acidity. Talking about the flavors and aroma of the wines, there are mild notes of wildflowers as well as bitter almonds in these wines. Macabeo unlike other wines tastes at its best when consumed in the youngest form.

Food pairing

The food pairing of the wines prepared from Macabeo falls best when done with the green mango salad and whitebait fritters.

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