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Magliocco Canino grapes

by | Jan 16, 2017

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Magliocco Canino is listed among the most enticing red wines of all times. It is an Italian grape variety that belongs predominantly to the regions of southern Italy.

Magliocco Canino

This is considered as one of the most excellent grape for blending. It is often blended with Gaglioppo. This often creates confusion between the two grape varieties.

The latest DOC title of Calabria, Terre di Cosenza has its prime focus set on this amazing red wine grape variety which is rich in certain characters.

The standard wine Rosso, which is made under Terre di Cosenza title must have about 60 % of Magliocco Canino Italian red grape variety.

The remainder is made by the other amazing dark- skinned grape varieties belonging to Calabria.  Moving a little southwest towards the Scavigna on Tyrrhenian coast (Aglianico is the dominating red wine grape variety in Tyrrhenian coast) over 20 % of Magliocco Canino is allowed to be incorporated in Aglianico red wine.

Wine grape varieties

This helps in softening the strong tannins present in Aglianico. Magliocco Canino also plays an important role in the major wines hailing from Lamezia along with Greco Nero and also Nerello grapes of Sicily; Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio.

Magliocco Canino is one of the most prominent choices for blends. The characteristics of this red wine variety make it an apt option for creating amazing blends that stand out in the crowd.

Magliocco Canino is used in 7 wine complex blends. Incorporating Magliocco Canino in other red wines increases the overall flavour and intensity of the wines.

History of Magliocco Canino grapes

Magliocco Canino is one of the most ancient grape varieties. It is mainly grown in Calabria which is located in the southern Italy. It was quite a popular blending variety in the ancient times.

During the late 20th century, about over 3700 acres (1500 hectares) of this amazing red wine grape variety were planted.

Wine Regions with Magliocco Canino grape variety

The major wine region of Magliocco Canino is predominantly Calabria. This red grape variety is exclusively planted in the Puglia region located in Italy.

It accounts for 97% percent of plantings in Calabria. The vineyard area there comprises of 1,330 acres (539 hectares). Magliocco Canino makes up for the best table grape variety in Calabria.

Similarity with Gaglio

Magliocco Canino and Gaglioppo, which is the principal red grape of the Calabria region, share a great deal of similarity.

There are various characters of both these grapes that share a close resemblance and this is the reason why both these grapes are often confused with each other.

In terms of vineyards too, both of these Italian red wine grape variety are much similar to each other. Both Magliocco Canino as well as Gaglioppo, are known to produce wines that are high in alcohol.

The excessive alcohol content lends an amazing personality to Magliocco Canino Italian red wine. Both of them have soft and delicate red- fruity flavours.

The only difference being the complexion of the wines. On one hand where Magliocco Canino has a deep red colour, Gaglioppo has a light complexion.

Synonyms for Magliocco Canino

There are many synonyms of Magliocco Canino. This red grape variety is also known by the names including the likes of Gaglioppo, Magliocco ovale, Magliocco and Magliuacculu. This red grape variety belong the same family of grapes of which Greco Nero and Gaglioppo are also a part. The other alternative names and sub- varieties include Arvino, Lacrima, Guarnaccia Nera, Mantonico Nero and Magliocco Dolce.

Characteristics of Magliocco Canino Wines

The characteristics of Magliocco Canino are quite distinctive. The taste of this red wine bears an amazing taste of spices and pepper. Along with the intense spicy flavour, this red grape wine also has red – fruity flavour.

This wine has high alcohol content. The colour of the wine is dark red which appears quite appealing. All the characters of Magliocco Canino red wine variety are well balanced, making this red Italian grape apt for blends.

Talking about the character of the blends, the subtle characters even come alive making an excellent wine. All the characters speak out loud in the amazing blends of Magliocco Canino.

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