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Malvasia di Schierano grapes

by | Jan 17, 2017

Malvasia di Schierano is a dark skin member of the Malvasia family. It is used to make red wines in Italy and Mediterranean.

Malvasia di Schierano

Malvasia di Schierano grape is used in the making of sparkling, dry as well as sweet wines. Finding a varietal of the grape is very rare as Malvasia di Schierano is known to add some characters of chocolate to a number of wines.

This brings out a very unique taste which is cherished by a number of red wine tasters. Other than Italy the grape is found is very few parts of Umbria.

Wine grape varieties

Here the Malvasia di Schierano grape is used to make earthly-style wines. The buds of the grape ripen in late season and are to be plucked very carefully as even a little quantity of rotten or over ripened buds can ruin the taste of the wine.

They are again checked once they reached the vinery and are thereafter sent for processing of the wine. The acidic content of the wine is maintained high enough to make it capable of being used in the production of sparkling wines. The grape has a great aroma which enhances the quality of wine it is used in the making of.

Origin of Malvasia di Schierano

Varietals of the Malvasia di Schierano grape are mainly produced only in the Piedmont region. There are two DOC zones here, covering some areas of about 250 acres, which grow the Malvasia di Schierano grape.

No other region makes varietals from the grape. Earlier in Puglia it was used to make wines blending with Negroamaro. In 1970s and 1980s it was blended with Sangiovese in Tuscany.

As the popularity of Cabernet Sauvignon grew, the production and use of Malvasia di Schierano grape declined. The fact about the discovery and evolution of the grape is still not confirmed.

It has been growing in the region of Italy and Mediterranean since a number of years and so the production must be preserved so as to let the coming generation taste the wines made from such old varieties of grape!

Synonyms of Malvasia di Schierano

It is also known by the name Malvasia Nera or Malvasia di Casorzo. Malvasia di Castelnuovo Don Bosco and Malvasia di Casorzo are two most renowned blends made from the grape.

Features of Malvasia di Schierano Wines

Wines made from Malvasia di Schierano grape are light to ruby red in colour. Hey are light to medium bodied. On tongue they give out flavours of plums and cherries.

The grape is more popularly used in making blends of wines rather than making varietals out of it. The aroma the grape adds to the wine is the main reason it is being used in the blends of a number of wines.

The acidity of the wine remains high which is why it is used to make sparkling wines. The grape is also used to make a number of dry wines as well as some of the sweet wines.

Recently a downfall in the production and use of Malvasia di Schierano grape was reported due to the upcoming of a number of grapes with better productive quality and almost same flavours and aromas.

This might also result in total irradiation of the grape as farmers now believe in growing the variety which can give them the best yield.

Food Pairing with Malvasia di Schierano wine

The acidity of wines made from Malvasia di Schierano grape wines is fairly high and so it can be enjoyed with a number of dishes.

Most popularly is can be taken with fried zucchini flowers. The taste of this dish complements the taste of the wine largely.

It can also be taken with salted potato chips. Popcorns and deep fried dishes will also enhance the taste of the wine.

Avocado salad and lemon shortcakes are among those dishes which cannot be taken with any wine but Malvasia di Schierano grape wines have the potential to match up to the taste of these dishes.

The grape has a very special aroma which it gives to wines and should therefore be used in the making of many more wines.

A number of grapes are ready to take over the grape and so it must be tasted before it vanishes away from the market.

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