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Malvasia grapes

by | Oct 8, 2016

Any person who possesses a great knowledge about different varieties of wines as well as vineyards is certainly not oblivious to Malvasia.


Malvasia is a variety of group of wine grapes, which produces a variety of rich white wine.

This wine grape is mostly grown in the Mediterranean region, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands as well as the island of Madeira.

Malvasia is one of the most popular varieties of grape wine which is used to produce a number of tasteful wines.

This grape has been known to the world by a number of names. In the previous times, it was addressed by Malvasia, Malmsey and Malvazai.

However, these names were classified later considering the variety of the wine produced by a particular class of Malvasian grape.

Malvasia is not a single variety of wine grape, but is an altogether ancient family of grapes, which entertains a vast collection of noble varieties.

The grapes of this family are highly rich, as their taste and are produced into some classy and tasteful wines.

They are capable in the production of wine of any feasible color. These grapes produce sparkling, dry as well as sweet styles of wines.

Malvasia is not the recent variety of wine grape, but owes an ancient origin and therefore it is considered as one of the most flavorful and preferred variety of wine grape among all the wine-lovers.

Wine grape varieties

The production of Malvasia is not limited to its native place, but extends to various other regions as well. The viniculture of this whole family of white wine grapes is carried out in different places such as Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Greece, Spain, the United States, Malaysia as well as Slovenia.

The wines produced out of this grape also come from the maritime environments of Malaysia where it is grown in abundance.

Malvasia is referred by a number of names which certainly vary from one region to the other. In Germany, this variety is referred as Malvasier, in Eastern Europe it is known as Malvazia.

Likewise, other names of this variety of grapes of this entire ancient grape family are Rojal, Uva Greca, Subirat, Blancarroga, Blanquirroja, Blanca-Rioja, Tobia, Cagazal, and many more. This variety of grape is one wiedely known variety that is used in the production of a number of different flavors of sparkling wines.

The properties, characteristics and availability of this variety of grapes make it one of the most preferred wines among all the wine lovers.


This variety of a grape is not among the recent varieties of the grapes, but has an ancient origin. According to the ampelographers, this variety of white wine grapes finds its origin in Crete, Greece.

This variety of white wine grapes is also said to be belonging to Malvasia family. It has been growing in the region of Greece for about 2000 years today. Commercially, this grape is very important to the region since it is cultivated here in abundance.

The trading of the vines of Malvasia has been carried out in this region since the ancient times. The viniculture of this variety of white wine grape has been carried out since then.

Today, the cultivation of Malvasia is carried out in a number of regions around the globe. The increasing popularity of this grape has resulted in the viniculture of Malvasia by various countries.


Malvasia is not just an individual variety of grape, but is an entire grape family that entertains a myriad collection of noble varieties of grapes. These grapes are very rich as to their properties and are able to produce the wine of any color.

These wines entertain a sparkling character as well as sweet style. The grapes are heated and oxidized post their process of fermentation in order to create an eccentric style of wine.

The grape is characterized by its dark coloring. The wines produced by these grapes are rich and nutty as to their flavors. Sometimes, they even taste like dried fruits and orange peels. Overall, the wines produced by this variety of grapes are very tasteful and highly admirable.

Food pairing

The entire family of Malvasia could be paired with various dishes and delicacies. However, the wines prepared out of Malvasia taste the best when they are paired with Waldorf salad, risotto with Gorgonzola, walnuts and pear as well as almond-crusted haddock fillet.


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