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Marsanne grapes

by | Oct 11, 2016

Marsanne is a variety of white wine grape which is most commonly found in the region of Northern Rhone.


This wine grape is considered as the most popular variety of white wine grape planted in this region.

This grapefruit is cultivated in various areas around this region, but it reaches in its best expression in Hermitage. Here it is mostly blended with Clairette as well as Roussanne.

This variety of grape possesses a number of rich qualities. It adds rich textures and depth to the wine, thereby enhancing its flavour.

When blended, Marsanne produces wines that are rich in flavour and deep in colours. If you wish to taste this fine in its best expression, you need to pick up the wine which is older in age since Marsanne based wines get deeper as to the complexity as well as colour with its ageing.

The wine produced out of Marsanne can be both sweet white wine as well as dry white wine. When Marsanne is used to produce the sweet wine, it is made using the method of Vin de Palle or a straw wine method.

Under this process, the grapes are dried on the mats of the straw in the sun before they are being concentrated. The juice of these grapes is pressed and later fermented.

If we talk about the viniculture of this variety of grape wine, Marsanne is growing at its best when it is cultivated in the vineyards with a steep hillside entertaining a terroir of granite, chalk, clay as well as limestone soils.

These conditions can be found all over the regions of the Northern Rhone Valley. This is why the cultivation of Marsanne has its roots in the Northern Rhone Valley region.

Wine grape varieties

The ageing of Marsanne makes it much more interesting as its taste and flavour. The young vines are pretty yielding and they also entertain a potential for the production of more dilute wine.

The grapes of this variety reach their age of perfection and maturity at 10 years. Another notable thing about Marsanne is that it can live for a longer period of time in comparison with other varieties of grapes. Not only this, some of these vineyards can live for over 100 years of age.

Marsanne is known under a number of synonyms such as Champagne Piacentina, Avilleran, Ermitage, Ermitageblanc, Hermitage, Rousseau, Roussette Grosse, Zrmitazh as well as White Hermitage.

Origin of the Marsanne grapes

Marsanne is a variety of white wine grapes which finds its roots in France.

The notable regions where these grapes are grown in abundance are Rhone, Australia and California.

This variety of grape made its debut firstly in Australia sometime in the 1860s where it was planted in the states of South Australia and Victoria.

The Tahbik winery is considered as the very first winery to grow this grape in the district of Nagambie Lakes where it was planted in the year 1927.

Characteristics of Marsanne Wines

There are a number of characteristics that make Marsanne one of the greatest varieties of wine grape among all. This grape when blended with other wines, adds depth to the wine along with making its texture richer.

By the way of blending, this grape is able to produce the wines which are rich as to taste and deep as to their colour. The flavours and scents of these wines turn very similar to that of pears, roasted nuts, honeydew melon, spices, white peaches as well as flowers.

Marsanne attains its age of maturity, it gets darker in colour and becomes more complex. The wines produced out of these grapes are very rich in their flavour and they develop an oily, exotic as well as silky texture.

The wines prepared out of Marsanne are good as to their weight and structure. However, whenever it comes to the depth of flavour and perfume, they fall down.

Overall, the properties of Marsanne are superior that produce the wines that taste flavourful. Any wine lover would easily get tempted towards all kinds of wines produced from Marsanne.

Food pairing with Marsanne Wines

A number of great wines can be prepared from Marsanne and therefore the food pairing of the wines become much easier in comparison with other wines.

The wines made from Marsanne taste beautifully best when they are paired with pan fried trout with almonds, soba noodles with salmon and sesame seed as well as some other vegetables.


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