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Matrassa grapes

by | Jan 18, 2017

Matrassa is a red wine producing grape variety grown in the southern Caucasus and in parts of south central Europe.


Matrassa grape is mainly used to produce varietal red wine in Georgia while in Azerbaijan it is used in blends of some dry, fortified and sweet full bodied wines.

By crushing and fermentation about 50% of the spirit from the wines is extracted. Xan Madrasa is a table wine which is produced by Vinagro.

This wine is subject to aging for two years after the crushing process. This makes the wine to have an alcohol content ranging from 9-14%. This wine has won few prizes too.

Other wines made from the Matrassa grape are Giz Galasi, Naznazi, Gara Gila and many more. The grape is among the famous grapes in the regions and people are willing to taste wines made from Matrassa grapes in the nearby regions too.

Wine grape varieties

The grape has not been very popular, but it was renowned enough to make itself be known in the market since ages.

The production of this variety of wine should not stop as it is a proof that we have been making ages from the time viticulture evolved.

Many experiments have been done on Matrassa grape and some successful experiments have resulted in the invention of wines having supreme quality taste and characters.

Origin of Matrassa grapes

By origin, Matrassa grape is said to be indigenous to Madrasa village located in Shamakhi Rayon in Azerbaijan. Many experiments say that the grape has been growing in the region since the 15th century.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the grape variety was brought from Madrasa to Ganjabasar region in Azerbaijan. The grape has been growing in the areas since so long that it is considered to be among the oldest varieties of red wine producing grapes.

Earlier it was believed that Matrassa grape could make only sweet wines, but later on experiments proved that there was more than just making sweet wines from the grape.

Experiments are still being done as there are many grape varieties which can be paired up with Matrassa grape to make wines having a different and unique taste! To find more of such wines, the grape variety is to be preserved and encouraged among cultivators!

Synonyms of Matrassa grape

It is also known by the names Madrasa, Shirai Kara or Madrasi.

Wines with Matrassa grapes

Features of Matrassa Wines

Berries of the Matrassa grape variety are pink in colour. The buds ripen towards the beginning of September. They are round in shape and have a thick skin.

The size of the berries is usually medium or sometimes large. The grape is used to make good quality full bodied wines. Varietals made from the grape are more commonly found in the market than blends.

Other than that the grape is used in the making of dry as well as sweet wines. The grape is an important variety to the region as a number of cultivators have been in the business of producing Matrassa grape since generations.

Food Pairing with Matrassa wines

Dry wines blended with Matrassa wine grapes can be served with salads or with exotic dishes such as sushi. It can also go well with savoury tarts.

If the wines are sweet, it may be served with blue cheese or with nut-based desserts. It also tastes well with apricot tart. It suits the best with lime pie.

They can also be enjoyed with Korean dishes like, Korean pancakes. This wine is complementary with all of the Greek cuisines.

This wine is best taken with anything briny or salty. That green curry will enhance the flavour of the wine. If the wines are sweet, it may be served with blue cheese or with nut-based desserts. It also tastes well with apricot tart. It suits the best with lime pie.

You may also consume it with baklava. It is said to compliment the taste of sweet wines very well. Cauliflower puree with olives, raisins and capers enhances its taste greatly.

There had been a gradual increase in the use and there needs to more! The wines made from the grape are said to be among the best red wines for a reason and the only way you can find out that reason is by tasting it yourself.

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