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Mavroudi grapes

by | Jan 18, 2017

Mavroudi is a Bulgarian grape variety, considered as one of the prominent red wine grape varieties that tend to produce a number of tasteful red wines.


Whenever the regard of the red wine grape varieties of Bulgaria is taken into consideration, the mention of Mavroudi finds its place ahead of all the grape varieties.

The precise provenance of this red wine grape variety is commonly accepted to be an Asenovgrad, an appellation found in the West Thracian Valley region of southern Bulgaria.

This red wine grape variety owes its name to the dark coloured berries, which are nearly as      black as to their appearance. Thus, the dark colour of these berries can be termed as the reason behind the production of dark red wines.

The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are rarely found and therefore it makes them as one of the most looked after wines of the world.

This red wine grape variety has been stamped with such a forceful personality that no other oenophile worth his wine can sustain indifferently to it.

Mavroudi grape variety has extracted its name from a Greek word Mavro that means black. Once very abundant in nature, this red wine grape variety has lost its abundance today.

Wine grape varieties

However, the scarcity of the wines prepared out of this red wine grape is inversely proportional to the plantings of this variety. You can encounter this red wine grape variety from one end of Greece to the other regions.

The major areas where the plantation of this red wine grape variety is still seen in abundance are the regions of Peloponnese and Northern Greece.

This red wine grape variety demand a midterm ageing and this ageing makes them completely mature and appropriate to get converted into some of the best and tasteful wines of the world.

It is not very easy to carry out the production of this grape variety in its purest form.

The plantings of this red wine grape variety are diminishing from its native place and the same has taken over by various recognizable grape varieties such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

In the regions of Greece, this grape variety is seen blended with other grapes such as Limnio, Mavrotragano and Agiorgitiko. This grape variety is also known under synonyms like Mavroud and Mavrud.

Origin of Mavroudi grapes

The grapes of Mavroudi find their very origin in the region of Bulgaria. However, today the existence of these grapes in its native place has become extinct.

On the contrary, the vines of this red wine grape variety are today seen planted in various regions of Greece respectively.

Characteristics of Mavroudi wines

Mavroudi is a red wine grape variety which is low-yielding and mid or late ripening. The vines of this grape produce small berries of grapes which are black in colour and very thick in terms of their skin.

The black colour of the grapes further produces the wines that are deep and little inky as to their appearance. The wines of this red wine grape variety entertain pronounced tannins as well as excellent level of acidity in them.

These wines carry an abundance of stewed-fruit flavours on the palate that eventually results in a glycerol mouth-feel. The wines produced out of this grape variety are also supposed to have herbal characteristic which gives them a medicinal finish.

The wines of Mavroudi do not lack character at all. All the wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are deep red and inky as to their colour.

They entertain an exquisite bouquet which is simply mesmerizing. As you start sipping these wines you will realize that all of them come in a similar flavour of cherry and milk chocolate along with several hints of roasted chestnut, smoke as well as butter.

These wines are full-bodied as well as intense with an amazing level of acidity and tannin. This is the reason why the wines produced out of this grape variety are admired so much by the wine lovers of the world.

Food pairing with Mavroudi wines

All the wines produced out of this red wine grape variety taste the best when they are paired with different food items like Moroccan spicy kofte, marinated yakitori skewers as well as steak and kidney pie.

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