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Merseguera grapes

by | Jan 19, 2017

Merseguera grape hails from Spain and most notably the vines of it are found in the south eastern coast of the country.


White wines are admired by a number of people on the table for a simple fact that these wines are mild, tasteful and can be paired with a number of food varieties.

These white wines are either varietal or blended that are prepared out of the white wine grapes. Some of these grapes are highly popular among the majority of winemaker, while the others are very low-profile.

One such low-profile or a very little known white wine grape which is used in the production of various white wines is the Merseguera grape.

Since this grape variety is a very little known grape variety, only a few varieties of it can be encountered, particularly in the vines of Alicante, Valencia and Jumilla.

This white wine grape variety is rarely concerned with the preparation of single variety wines as it lacks the varietal character, and therefore this grape variety is used only in the preparation of various blending white wines.

Wine grape varieties

One simple fact about this white wine grape variety is that it is valued only for is viticultural varieties rather than the enological qualities; the wines prepared out of this grape variety could be bald and lacking as to its level of acidity.

One remarkable feature about the vines of this white wine grape variety is that these vines are very much sustainable of the dry and warm climates.

The preparation of all the wines out of this white wine grape variety is rarely seen anywhere outside of Spain. This is because the vines of this grape require a lot of attention and also the quality of the wines prepared out of this grape is not so high or rich to justify the costs incurred in exporting these wines outside Spain.

Thus, this white wine grape variety is planted only locally in the regions of Spain, particularly in the Mediterranean coast where the wines so produced are highly enjoyed by all the locals as well as the visitors who keep on marking their presence in this region.

Origin of Merseguera grape

This variety of white wine grape has been originated from Spain. Since the vines of this grape demand a lot of care and the resulting wines are not very much tasteful in quality, this grape variety is hardly grown in other regions.

In Spain, this grape variety is said to have originated in the southeastern region. However, there are a few parts in Asia, where the plantation of this white wine grape variety is carried out by the peasants.

Characteristics of Merseguera wines

Merseguera generally lacks the character of the varietal wines. This is the reason this grape variety is so rarely used in the single-varietal wines.

Merseguera grapes are mostly known to the world for its very magnificent feature of formulating blends. This grape variety entertains a number of oenological qualities and it is mostly known to the world for its viticultural characteristics.

The vines of Merseguera grapes do really well in the warm as well as dry climates. This grape entertains a very low level of acidity and therefore the wines prepared out of it do not taste extraordinary.

All the wines prepared out of this white wine grape variety entertain a very zingy as well as a thirst-quenching taste along with various simple and fresh flavours.

The wines prepared out of Merseguera grape variety are used mostly as the local wines since they are not exported as a result of lack of qualities found in them.

Synonyms of Merseguera grape

The Merseguera white grape variety is known under a number of synonyms such as Blanquilla, Blanqueta, Exquitxagos, Exquitsagos, Gayata Blanca, Gayata, Lanjaron Claro, Lanjaron, Macabeo Basto, Macaban. Marisancha, Marseguera, Marisancho, Menseguera, Masagueram Merseguera de Rio, Meseguera, Messegueram Mezeyguera, lanta de Gos, PlantaBorda, Trova, Verdosilla, UvaPlanta as well as Verema Blanca.

Food pairing with Merseguera wines

Since the wines prepared out of this white wine grape variety are admired locally, they are best paired with the Spanish food. The traditional Spanish meal tastes the best with the wines prepared out of Merseguera.

In Asia, these wines are best paired with the oyster sauce. In Europe these wines are served best with veal kidneys and smoky vegetable.


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