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Monbadon grapes

by | Jan 19, 2017

Monbadon is a white wine grape variety that entertains a French origin.


This grape variety is planted throughout the regions of Central Valley, where the cultivation of the vines of this white wine grape is carried out by the local peasants.

This light-skinned grape variety, the specie of which is Vitis vinifera, though, is a native to France, but it is exclusively grown throughout California today.

In fact, in the history of the Californian wines, the wines produced out of this grape variety were considered as one of the most preferred wines by a majority of people on their table.

Unfortunately, today, both the production as well as the influence of this white wine grape variety has decreased in this particular region. Today, the grapes of this white wine grape variety are used majorly in the production of bulk jug wines.

This grape variety which was once very famous in the regions of France is virtually coming to extinction today. The plantation of the vines of Monbadon is only encountered in the regions of California, mainly in the San Joaquin Valley that takes in a triumvirate of the American Viticultural areas namely Grande, Madera, Salado Creek as well as Diablo.

Wine grape varieties

Talking about the sensitivity of the vines of this red wine grape variety, it is not very much vulnerable to the powdery and downy mildew.

On the very other hand, this white wine grape variety is more vulnerable to grey rot. Monbadon does not perform very well in the cool climates as in such climates the vines of this grape often struggle to ripen.

The thin skin of the berries makes it more susceptible to the frost in the colder regions. Also, when this grape variety is grown in the colder region, it starts lacking flavours and aromas.

This grape variety is therefore suited to the spur pruning. If all the vertical cordons or the bilateral cordons are taken into use, twelve of the sixteen two-node spurs of the berries of this grape are acceptable, relying on the soil depth, soil texture as well as the rootstock.

The crane pruning of this grape may result in a severe over cropping as well as reduced shoot vigour.

Origin of Monbadon grapes

This white wine grape variety is said to have originated traditionally from the French area, either from the Central Valley or the western France (Charentes Gironde).

It is also believed that this white wine grape variety is based on the published analysis results from the cross breeding performed between Ugni Blanc B and Folle Blanche B.

At the same time, some suggestions reveal that it was also used in the middle ages and was the result of the introduction of the Romans to Gaul.

Wines with Monbadon grapes

Characteristics of Monbadon wines

The tip of the berries of this white wine grape entertains a dense coat of flat flying hairs. The young leaves of the vines of this grape are yellowish green as to their appearance and there are several slight bronze patches on them.

The size of the berries of this grape is moderate and they are very light as to their appearance. These berries are mostly round shaped and flat shaped as to their appearance.

The vines of this white wine grape variety entertain a moderate vigour as well as recumbent shoots. These vines perform very well on the fertile soils that have medium texture.

Talking about the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety, they lack aromas and flavours. Also the level of acidity in these wines does not compete well with other wines that fall on a higher side of acidic level.

This is the reason why these wines are prepared in bulk, so as to retain the levels of sugar and acidity in them.

Synonyms of Monbadon grapes

In its native place, this white wine grape variety is often referred to as Burger. Other synonyms of this white wine grape variety include the names like Auba, Aouba, Blanc de Cadillac, Berger, Cadillac, Castillone a Montendre, Caoba, Frontignan des Charentes, Frontignan, GrosMontils, Grand Blanc, Ugni de Montpellier and many others.

Food pairing with Monbadon Wines

All the wines prepared out of this white wine grape variety do very well when they are paired with the food items like peach glazed chops, Caesar salad as well as several cocktails.


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