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Montu grapes

by Jan 20, 20170 comments

Montu is a famous variety of white wine grape which basically hails from Italy. To be more precise, this variety of white wine grape is grown in the Emilia region of Central Italy.


Apart from this, the grape is also found in the Romagna region. Both these regions are located on the very coastal plains of the Po basin as well as in the hills of the northern Apennines.

Once a very famous variety of white wine grape, today the numbers of this are declining miserably. As reported in the year 1990, only 1200 hectares/3000 acres of the vines of this white wine grape variety was present in the land of Italy.

There has always been a little confusion as to the colour of this white wine grape variety as observed by the experts. The Vitis International Variety Catalogue described this white wine grape variety as Blanc grape.

On the very contrary, the renowned wine expert Jancis Robinson as well as the writers David Lynch and Joe Bastianich described this grape variety as a red wine grape variety that happens to be darker in colour and appearance.

In accordance to the wine laws of Italy, this grape variety has been considered as a permitted variety in the white Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) wines of the Montunidel Reno.

Thus, it clearly makes this grape variety as an established white wine grape variety known to the world. The grapes of this white wine grape variety today are considered as extremely rare in the nature.

The use of these grapes is carried out only in Fiorli, Ravenna, Bologna as well as Madena. Montu grape variety is referred to as one of the most important grape varieties of Italy.

Wine grape varieties

This variety is mostly an unheard grape variety in the world and is merely used locally. The use of Montu grapes is carried out mostly in the wines in the blended form.

At the same time, Montu appears in a number of varietal wines too, which are prepared under several less-demanding appellations like Reno and Ravenna IGT respectively.

In the blended wines prepared along the banks of the Reno River, this grape variety is used as 85 percent of the total blends. It is blended along with other non-aromatic grape varieties that are allowed to make up the remaining part of the wines.

At the same time, these wines can also be prepared in both still as well as semi-sparkling style.

The grapes of this vine that are used in the DOC production shall be harvested with yield no greater than eighteen tonnes along with the finished wine which is needed to attain a minimum level of alcohol of 10.5 percent.

Origin of the Montu grapes

This variety of white wine grape finds its major origin in the region of Italy. It was first found in the Emilia region of the central Italy.

Characteristics of Montu Wines  

Montu is a grape variety that is light skinned as to its color and appearance. It does not dedicate itself to any particular style of winemaking and is therefore used both in the preparation of blending as well as varietal wines.

Both the sweet Amabile and the drier Secco (sweet and dry) styles could be prepared out of the grapes of this vine. Thus, it can be considered that this grape variety is versatile in nature and it can adapt itself as per different styles and terroir.

This grape doesn’t entertain any specific characteristic which could make it stand out of all other varieties of the wines. The vines of this grape variety are high yielding in nature.

This grape variety, as already stated is used very rarely among the people and the locals are expecting this grape to return in fashion. The wines produced out of this white wine grape variety are sober.

Synonyms of the Montu grapes

Montu is also known under a variety of names such as Bianchiana, Bianchino, Bianchetto, Montonegobianco, Montoncello, Montun, Montuni and many more.

Food pairing with Montu Wines

All the wines (sweet and dry) produced out of this white wine grape variety, taste their best when they are paired with different food items such as spaghetti Bolognese, spanokipita as well as smoked vegetables and onion salad.

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