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Morio Muscat grapes

by | Jan 20, 2017

This grape variety is not a gift of the nature to the mankind, but a cross performed in between two distinct grape varieties.

Morio Muscat

These two distinct names include the varieties of Silvaner and Pinot Blanc. However, based on the properties of this grape variety, it is speculated whether this grape variety is actually the result of the cross performed in between Silvaner and Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains.

No other evidence has been collected to establish this speculation as of now. What is Morio Muscat?

Wine grape varieties

Morio Muscat is a lesser known variety of white wine grape, is highly aromatic in nature and it comes along with a very grapey characteristic which is nothing but a reminiscent of the Muscat grape varieties.

The use of this white wine grape variety is rarely carried out in the varietal wines as it demands a very high level of ripeness in order to ward off the mousey flavour of wine along with a coarse texture as well as overabundance of acidity into it.

The cultivation and production of this white wine grape variety are seen in abundance in the region of Germany. In the early 1970s, the plantings of this white wine grape variety helped in the fuelling of the Liebfraumilch production of Germany.

However, this style was soon fallen down from fashion and therefore the viticulture of this white wine grape variety is slowly declining in nature.

The vineyard of Rheinhessen as well as Pfalz where the production of this grape variety was carried out in abundance has become very diminishing today.

Of all these odds, this white wine grape variety still happens to be one of the most popular grape varieties of Germany. Unfortunately, it is predicted that soon this grape might not be counted as a part of the family of Muscat grapes.

This grape was once used very extensively in the regions of Germany as a blending companion somewhere during the time period of the 1970s.

It was mostly blended with the Muller-Thurgau in order to accentuate the aroma of this grape.

However, soon it met a decline. In the year 2006, only 541 hectares of area entertained the vineyards of this grape variety in Germany.

It was certainly a massive decline. The grapes during its hey days were planted in abundance in the German wine regions of Rheinhessen as well as Palatinate.

The vines also found their existence in several vineyards apart from inside Germany. Thus, the countries like South Africa and Canada were concerned with the plantings of this grape.

This white wine grape variety entertains a potential to be a varietal wine, however, it demands ideal vineyards locations, very similar to the locations that are demanded by one of its parents, Silvaner.

The vines of Morio Muscat grape are to be harvested at a point where the natural low sugar levels as well as medium to high acidity of this plant are not out of balance.

The viticulturally hazards during the plantation of this white wine grape variety include a sensitivity to the rot and this grape often requires an extra week to mature or ripen entirely.

The vines of Morio Muscat grapes are also considered as very sensitive to oidium as well as downy mildew.

Origin of the Morio Muscat grapes

This white wine grape variety has been created by the famous viticulturist, Peter Morio in the year 1928. In order to create this white wine grape variety, a cross was performed in between Silvaner as well as Pinot Blanc.

Even if this grape variety is an offspring to two of these non-aromatic grape varieties, the resulting offspring is very aromatic as to its nature. The aromas of this grape variety are closely related to the Muscat family.

Characteristics of Morio Muscat wines

This grape variety, as already stated, is highly aromatic as to its nature. Thus, the resulting wines that are prepared out of this white wine grape variety are highly aromatic in nature as well.

Morio Muscat grape variety is low as to its weight and is confined to a bulk wine production. The aromas these wines exhibit are similar to the flowers and they have a flavour similar to that of peaches and intense white grapes.

Food pairing with Morio Muscat wines

All the wines prepared out of this white wine grape varieties taste the best with noodle soup, horseradish blinis as well as deep-fried cornbread ball.

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