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Moscato Giallo grapes

by | Jan 20, 2017

Moscato Giallo, also known as the Yellow Muscat is considered as one of the members of the Muscat grape family.

Moscato Giallo

It is a famous white wine variety of grape that hails from Italy. This grape is mostly known for its deep large cluster that comprises of loose and deep yellow colored berries as well as the wines that are golden as to their appearance.

Moscato Giallo grape variety; mostly finds its existence in the areas of Northern Italy and is mainly used in the production of the passito style dessert wines.

At the same time, the grapes of this variety are also planted in vines in the areas of Croatia where it is referred to as Muskatzuti.

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What is Moscato Giallo grape?

Moscato Giallo grape variety is considered as one of the most obscure members of the Muscat family, which is mostly encountered in the Trentino-Alto Adige region of north eastern Italy.

This variety of white wine grape performs its best in the hilly regions as well as limestone-dominant terroirs and this is the reason they thrive in the Italian Alps.

Moscato Giallo vines are planted in abundance around the regions and they are prepared into several varietal wines in the areas of Alto Adige, Friuli, Trentino as well as in Veneto.

In Veneto, this grape is used as one of the most important grape varieties in the Coli Euganei Fior d’Arancio DOCG. Apart from this, Moscato Giallo also covers a little amount of the vineyard land in the region of Pfalz, Germany, where it is grown in the name of Goldmuskateller.

Moscato Giallo grape variety shows a very good resistance to botrytis along with a medium resistance to other allergies and infections such as downy and powdery mildew.

The vines of this grape variety are very much susceptible to phomomsis cane, iron deficiency as well as leaf spot.

Moscato Giallo grape variety usually entertains early to mid-ripening which could be very vigorous. It produces a large leafy canopy which requires to be kept in check along with pruning as well as canopy management.

Outside the regions of Italy, this variety of white wine grape is also found in the Valais region of Switzerland, where this grape is referred to as Muscat du Pays.

In this particular, this grape is mostly found in the field blends from the vineyards that are also inter-planted with another member of the Muscat family namely, Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains.

Origin of Moscato Giallo grapes

The origin of this white wine grape variety has become a debatable issue. A number of wine historians entertain a belief that this grape variety was brought in the region of northern Italy from the Middle East by the popular Venetian merchants of the middle-ages.

At the very same time, a likely close genetic relationship of this grape with the Moscato

Bianco contradicts this theory and it is now believed that this grape variety is a native to north eastern Italy.

Later the DNA analysis carried out in the early 21st century revealed the fact that this grape variety also shared a parent-offspring relationship with another grape variety namely, Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains.

Since the very first documented mention of the latter grape variety could be dated somewhere early to the 14th century, it can be predicted that Moscato Giallo could be an offspring to this grape variety in this entire relationship established in between them.

Synonyms of Moscato Giallo grapes

The synonyms of Moscato Giallo white wine grape variety include the names like Goldmuskateller and Yellow Muscat.

Characteristics of Moscato Giallo Wines

This grape variety entertains a thick skin as well as high levels of sugar which further makes this a very good candidate for air-drying. The levels of sugar are concentrated and the result is a lusciously sweet style of wine.

The wines so prepared out of this grape variety entertain the similar flavours as to the baked apples as well as light citrus. Also, they are more perfumed them Moscato Bianco.

The wines produced out of this white wine grape variety are very deep as to their appearance. They entertain a moderate level of acidity and are very aromatic.

Moscato Giallo grape is mostly used in the preparation of sweet dessert wines. It can be prepared into both varietal as well as blending wines.

Food pairing with Moscato Giallo Wines

All the wines prepared out of this white wine grape variety taste their best when they are paired with the food items such as apple pie, gorgonzola cheese as well as Pannacotta with fresh mango.

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