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Muscat Hamburg grapes

by Jan 25, 20170 comments

Muscat Hamburg is a famous variety of a black-skinned grape which is used in the preparation of both wine making as well as a table grape.

Muscat Hamburg

This red wine grape variety comes only in its black berried form that produces plump and shiny fruit, which is pretty fascinating as to its appearance.

This variety is grown majorly as a table grape however; the use of it is also carried out for the production of a variety of red wines.

Muscat Hamburg is counted as one of the members of the famous Muscat family of grapes.

However, the resulting wines that it prepares are considered as the lowest quality of the wine that is ever prepared from the Muscat grapes.

Wine grape varieties

The wines produced out of this grape variety tend to be a little lighter rather than neutral. Although it is considered to be producing the wines of the lowest quality among the grapes of the Muscat family, however, it does produce wine that is richer and suit the dessert-style wines.

This could be prepared by the way of the overripe Muscat Hamburg grapes. This grape variety is not an original grape variety, but the result of a cross performed in between Trollinger and Muscat of Alexandria.

Muscat Hamburg grape variety is seemed to appear only in a black berried form. It is chiefly used as a table grape.

Origin of the Muscat Hamburg grapes

This variety of red wine grape is thought to have originated from England. However, according to some of the researchers, this grape variety was brought to this region from Germany.

Also, this grape variety is not an organic grape variety, but a cross performed in between Trollinger and Muscat of Alexandria. Today the plantation and cultivation of this red wine grape variety are carried out in the regions of France, Britain as well as Eastern Europe.

Also, most wines prepared out of this grape variety also originate from California. Also, a lot many producers from China have started experimenting with this grape variety. This grape variety is also found in the vineyards of Israel.

Regions that use Muscat Hamburg grapes

In the region of Eastern Europe, especially Serbia, Macedonia, this grape is used in the production of dry and light red wines along with the hints of Muscat aroma.

These wines have also started gaining popularity as a table wine ingredient in China. Muscat Hamburg red wine grape variety is also grown in the regions of California, Oregon, Virginia, Washington as well as Texas.

In the region of California, this grape is grown in the Quady Winery and prepares a deeply coloured and aromatic wine known as Elysium. In Canada, this grape is used in the production Black Muscat wine in the Vancouver Island.

Synonyms of Muscat Hamburg

This grape variety is also known under different synonyms such as Black Muscat, Black Hamburg, Muskat Trollinger, Tamiioasa Hamburg, Golden Hamburg as well as Tamiioasa Neagra.

Characteristics of Muscat Hamburg Wines

This grape variety is often considered as the weakest grape variety out of all the Muscat grapes in regard to the flavour profiles as well as aromas. However, whenever it comes to the appearance of this grape, it is highly fascinating.

The dark skin of this grape does not translate itself well into the wines and the wines so prepared as a light blush or rose as to their style and appearance.

Also, these wines lack enough acid as well as character which could make it interesting. The berries of this grape are oval as to their appearance and are variable as to their size.

The flavour of these berries is however, consistently excellent. These berries could resist cracking very well.

Food pairing with Muscat Hamburg Wines

All the wines prepared out of this red wine grape variety are paired well with the food items such as pan-fried haloumi, berry tart with mascarpone as well as Eton mess.

These wines also taste very well when paired with fresh eateries, jellies as well as cheese platters.

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