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Negoska grapes

by | Jan 25, 2017

Negoska is a dark-skinned grape variety that finds its abundant existence in the northern regions of Greece.


This variety of red wine grape produces a number of rich and tasteful red wines of the world. The major purpose of this red wine grape variety is nothing but to complement the very highly revered variety of Xynomavoro.

This grape variety is originally from the region of Naousa and today it has also spread to the surrounding appellations of the Goumenissa as well as Macedonia.

In this particular region, most of the red wines contain twenty percent of the blend of Negoska. As already mentioned, this grape variety complements the Xynomavoro variety.

This is because the rich and dark-fruit laden palate of this grape variety along with its very earthy characters as well as the presence of comparatively low acid and soft tannins compensates for the incredibly high acidity present in Xynomavro and it also covers up all the color deficiencies present in the latter grape variety.

This grape variety is used both as a varietal as well as blending grape variety. The single-variety wines of these grape wines though are produced; however they are prepared in very small quantities.

This grape variety constituted a title in the unique and amazing varieties of grape that are native to the Greek vineyards. The name of this red wine grape variety has been derived from the Slavic Negush for the city of Naoussa.

It clearly reveals the origin of this variety. In the present scenario, the vines of this red wine grape variety are planted only on the slopes of Mount Paiko respectively.

Wine grape varieties

Today, the volume of the vines of this grape variety has become so small that any person could rarely encounter this variety vinified on its very own.

Thus, this is the reason why this grape variety is mostly used as a blending grape variety in a number of wines. This grape variety also serves as a perfect blending partner for the Xinomavro.

It makes the wines blended with this grape as very unique and tasteful that is able to retain the rosy flavors. At the same time, this variety of red wine grape is also blended with the PDO Goumenissa reds where this grape swears to complement and to further tone down the appearance of the wines prepared out of them.

The dark and the fruity characteristics of this red wine grape variety make it a perfect blending option with another grape variety and the results so formed are simply mouth-watering.

The plantation and cultivation of this red wine grape variety are slowly declining with time. Today, this variety of red wine grape mainly finds its plantation in the region of Goumenissa where the vines of this grape are spread up to an area of 70 hectares.

This grape variety is known under a number of synonyms such as MavroGoumenissas, GoumenissasMavro, Negotska, Neghotska, PopolkaNaoussis, NegotskaPopolka, Popolka of Naoussa and many others.


This red wine grape variety finds its very origin in the areas of Greece. Most notably, Negoska originated from the northern regions of Greece respectively.


This grape variety is considered as a very dark and a fruity grape variety that entertains a medium level of acidity as well as tannins.

Due to its properties of dark appearance, it is mostly blended with a number of wines in order to improve their overall taste as well as appearance.

The wines produced in the region of Goumenissa out of this grape variety are mostly chocolaty as to their flavor. The blended wines so produced out of this red wine grape variety are admired highly by the wine lovers and these wines certainly strike a sensitive chord and every wine lover wishes to delve into these tasteful wines.

This grape variety is able to produce soft and full-bodied red wines that entertain rich fruity flavors. The acidity level present in these wines could be moderate and therefore they are blended with the wines having a high acidic level.

Food pairing

All the wines produced out of this red wine grape variety taste their best when they are paired with food items such as veal stew with onions, apricot tagine as well as savory mince on the toast.


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