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Négrette grapes

by | Jan 27, 2017

Négrette hails from South West France and is a popular red wine grape variety not only in France, but also in the whole of the world.


This amazing red grape variety is grown between Toulouse and Albi region of South West France. It is found in the Fronton region of France. Négrette is a descendant to the grape variety called Mavro rootstock, which extensively grown in Cyprus.

Wine grape varieties

The major appellation to use this red grape variety, Cotes du Frontonnais (red and rose) needs about 50 percent to 70 percent of the blend to be the Négrette red grape.

The rest of the 50 percent to 30 percent needs to be the combination of Cabernet Franc as well as Cabernet Sauvignon ( max 25 percent together), Fer (max 25 percent), Cot (max 25 percent), Syrah (max 25 percent), Mauzac (white grape), Gamay, Cinsaut, Merille (max 15 percent together). At least 3 grape varieties need to be used.


Négrette is a descendant of the Cyprus variety, Mavro. History has it that the vines of Négrette were brought back from Cyprus to Gaillac.

The vines were brought by Knights Templar. Gradually, this variety spread to Fronton which was situated nearby.

Wine Regions

The major wine region where this red grape variety is grown lies between Toulouse and Albi region of the South West France.

Apart from South West France, this red grape variety is just so close to extinction. Small amount of plantings are found in San Benito, California. There this red grape is known by the name Pinot Saint- Georges.


The red wine grape variety is quite popular, but is near to extinction. This is due to the susceptibility of the grape to grey rot and oidium.

The berries of this red grape variety are small and elliptical in shape. The berries are typically black and are found in small and tight bunches.

The best climate for growing them is dry and hot as it is vulnerable to grey rot and powdery mildew. The vines bloom in difficult soils like stony slit, gravel and clay. It yields well in iron- rich soil.

Characteristics of the Wine

The red wine that is made from Négrette can be termed as a versatile wine as it shows versatility in its character.

The first one to mention here is that this wine has a capability to age moderately nice but, it also tastes fabulous when young. The characters of the wine are fine while the wine is young and also while it ages.

The pigment of the wine is quite deep. It has low amount of tannins as well as acidity. These characters make this wine a perfect option or blends with Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Syrah.

Adding Négrette to these wines enhances their aging ability as well as structure. It is often said that this wine lacks personality, but it is quite underrated for this matter.

This grape possesses some of the finest characteristics. The wine makes swear by the features too, and applaud this wine not only as blends, but also as a single varietal wine.

Both red and roses are produced from this excellent red grape variety. The rose wines can be described as fruity. They possess a violet flavour with spicy finish.

These wines are full bodied. They are more full bodied as compared to the south- eastern French roses. The reds are also soft and silky.

They have an excellent perfume. They possess the similar violet aroma that the roses possess, but they have a typical animal and undergrowth flavour.

Food Pairings

The soft characters of Négrette are best teamed with wild mushroom ravioli. The texture of ravioli and the texture of this red wine make a perfect combination. Both of them complement the taste of each other and makes up for a perfect food pairing.


Michael Bredahl

Michael Bredahl

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  1. Serena Friedman

    At Four Sisters Ranch winery we have a 100% port style 2014 Dessert Wine called Kekoa . As you might imagine it pairs well with dark chocolate. Our prior 2013 vintage was 95% Cabernet Sauvignon & 5% Negrette- after we did blending trials with various percentage blends. Both received gold medals from the Denver International. Yes- our winemaker had to cluster inspect the grapes for disease- very labor intensive. THISE wines are indeed elegant, and unique. We invite you to come taste. Cheers! Serena Friedman- Four SistersRanch Ranch- Winery and Vineyards


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