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Nero Buono di Cori grapes

by | Jan 28, 2017

Nero Buono Di Cori is referred to as a red wine grape variety that is mainly grown and planted in the regions of Lazio in Italy (central).

Nero Buono di Cori

This red wine grape variety is considered as very much local to the city of Cori where it is often blended with several Cori Rosso wines that are produced under the DOCs of the same.

Thus, this red wine grape variety is taken into use as a blending variety in the Docs namely Castelli Romani and Cori and is preferred by a number of people on their tables.

This Italian red wine grape variety is known to be producing various tasteful red wines of the world. As reported by a number of producers as well as wine-experts, this red wine grape variety entertains a very good potential to prepare varietal wines.

However, to get the best results along with the best taste, the vines of this grape are to be treated properly in the vineyards as well as wineries.

This grape variety is considered as vulnerable and susceptible to the rot as well as downy mildew in the thickness of its skin and therefore it demands a great level of care especially in the rainy vintages.

In order to retain all the properties out of this grape variety, it is highly recommended that the yields of this grape variety shall be kept higher.

Wine grape varieties

The low yields would not be able to bring the best that this red wine grape variety has to offer. A several experiments have been carried out on the grapes of this variety such as oak-ageing that has resulted in enhancing the flavors of this grape as they retain a natural affinity for all the flavors of the oak.

Thus, a number of winemakers entertain the idea of oak-ageing to age and mature these grapes. The grapes of this red wine grape variety are considered to be intense as to their pigmentation and this is the reason why these grapes are mostly used in providing appropriate colors to the wines that are very light as to their hues and appearances.

This feature also ranks them among the grapes that are known as teinturiers that are the varieties cultivated in the wine regions all around Europe.

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The origins of this red wine grape variety are unknown. However, it is thought that this grape variety could be a native to the region of Lazio, located in Italy.

This grape variety surely entertains a connection with a fifth Century Roman politician, Cincinnatus the home of whom was around the city of Cori.

This is the same region where the plantings of this grape variety are found very much in abundance today.

In fact, according to a number of people, there is a possibility that Cincinnatus is the one who is responsible for bringing this red wine grape variety into this region and further cultivating it into the concerned area. However, no confirmation has been quoted on this statement as of now.


This red wine grape variety entertains a medium purple-ruby color in the glass. There are the aromas of stewed raspberries, tart plums as well as red cherries that these wines entertain.

As these wines are opened up, these amazing fragrances begin to get a little clearer and they also pick up a character of a waxy fruit.

The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety remain fuller side of the medium on the palate and they also entertain good levels of acidity as well as low levels of tannins.

The flavors of the wines produced out of this grape variety are similar to that of stewed red berries along with a little pluminess.

These wines when get a little air to show their best side, don’t give up and they become a treat among the passionate wine lovers.

All the wines prepared out of this red wine grape variety are rich in terms of their characteristics as well as very flavorful whenever it comes to tasting them.

Food pairing

All the wines produced out of this red wine grape variety taste the best when they are paired with the food items such as coda allavaccinara, pizza margherita as well as smoky vegetable salad.


Michael Bredahl

Michael Bredahl

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