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Neuburger grapes

by | Nov 7, 2016

Neuburger is an Austrian white wine grape. It usually makes full-bodied wines as varietal.

Wine grape varieties

Origin and History of Neuburger

The grape was originated from the Wachau region in Austria.

If we believe in the legends, then in the 1860s, it was brought out of the Danube and cultivated in the Wachau.

Local wine cultivators planted it and named it Neuburger.

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The previous Neuburger memorial is a token of the origin of this indigenous variety. The vineyard is spread to 652 hectares of land.

The Neuburger grape has proper significance in the Thermenregion and the Wachau. Over the duration of a decade, the presence of the vineyards has declined by 40.4%.

Genetic Parentage

The grape is a result of a cross between Sylvaner and Roter Veltliner. Sylvaner is a grape producing white wine and it is primarily grown in Alsace and Germany where officially it is known as Gruner Silvaner.

While, Roter Veltliner is also a white wine grape that belonged to Austria. Although the name is similar to Gruener Veltliner, these grapes are not related in any possible way.

Regions Where the Grape is grown

It is usually grown in the Thermenregion, Burgenland and Wachau, both are situated in the northeastern Austria (Neiderosterreich). The popularity of Neuburger has started to fade out because the growers opt for the highly valued varieties like Riesling and Gruner Vetliner.

About 1.5% of the vineyards of Austria are occupied by Neuburger, but it is categorized with Gruener Veltliner, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay in the Leithaberg DAC.


Neuburger is famous by several nicknames and synonyms like Brugler, Brubler, Feher Neuburgi, Neuburg, Feher Neuburgi Ujvari, Feher Neuburger, Neiburger, Neuburger Alb, Neue Rebe, Nojburger, Neuburger blanc, Weisser Neuburger, Neuburgi, Neuburske, Neuburger Bijeli, Ujvari and Novogradski.

Wines with Neuburger grapes

Characteristics of Grape

The leaf of the grape variety is large and has 3-5 lobes with a red main nerve stem. The size of the grape cluster ranges from small to medium with very firmly condensed berries and yellow-green, cylindrical grapes with fleshy, spotted and thick skins.

Neuburger gives rise to thick-skinned and small fruit that produces wines with significant texture and spicy body. However, due to the lack of acidity, the complete flavor maybe little bland.

Neuburger has a diverse flavor and natural depth. Usually Neuburger depicts a soft, full body with specific mineral notes and slightly pleasant fruitiness. Several Neuburger wines develop completely with age and exhibit a nutty flavor.

Viticulture and Vinification

The grape ripens in the early-to-mid season. The berries are in the tight clusters which make the grape prone to botrytis, late frosts, and thus it is good for the production of sweet wine.

But the vine is also vulnerable to some dangerous fungal diseases, like peronospera and oidium (categories of mildew). There are 2 reasons for the decrease in the plantings of Neuburger: although this grape provides brilliant wine quality, it still stands nowhere while competing with Gruner Veltliner and it is easily susceptible to many diseases resulting in the death of the vines.

This grape variety is comparatively easy to grow and does not demand any soil types primarily, but it grows best on rock. The grape undergoes gentle pressing, then overnight sedimentation is carried out.

The fermentation in stainless steel with appropriate yeast in a temperature controlled chamber complete the process of vinification. The wine undergoes aging in the oak barrels, which is responsible for their fattening up.

Characteristics of Wine

Neuburger develops mainly robust, mild wines having a neutral taste. The young wines are flowery and spicy. Later on, a nutty taste develops.

This grape produces dry and neat wine along with the late-harvest wines. The grape is utilized for the production of a numerous styles, varying from off-dry and dry, simple, honeyed, to more nutty, dessert wines.

This variety of wine may seldom experience lack of acidity- but it has a recognizable, consistent flavor and elegant yet generous character. The wine produced by Neuburger has an alcohol content of 12.5%.

Food Pairings with the Wine

Neuburger is nice sweet wine which can be paired with many dishes like in the European countries it is paired with Kaiserschmarrn (Caramelised pancake) and in the Asian countries it is paired with Green papaya salad.

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