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Nielluccio grapes

by | Jan 28, 2017

Nielluccio is considered as a dark-skinned red wine grape variety that is widely planted in the region of Corsica.


This grape variety is used as a principal grape variety as to the production and preparation of the Appellation d’Origine Controlee AOC red wine of Patrimonio.

In this wine, the content of this red wine grape variety goes up to whopping 95 percent. The vines of this grape variety are early budding wines and they require huge care during their budding-stage.

This grape produces the wines that are lacking in color, but the content of alcohol in them remains high. Nielluccio is generally used in the production of red rose wines.

The budburst of this early-budding red wine grape variety occurs a day before Chasselas, that is used as a benchmark as to measuring blooming and budding times of the grape varieties.

On the very contrary to its budding nature, this red wine grape variety is a late ripener and the complete ripeness in it reaches three weeks later than the Chasselas.

This grape variety belongs to the Period II grape variety which requires a lot of exposure to the sun as well as a high temperature during the end of the summer season.

Wine grape varieties

Nielluccio is also a slightly vigorous variety of red wine grape that should be cordon-pruned or head-pruned short. It can very well resist the drought conditions.

Since this grape variety matures very well in the hot temperatures, it therefore complements the hot, dry as well as sunny terroirs.

The best area for the growth and plantation of this red wine grape variety is located in the southeastern base of Cap Corsica that entertains all the ideal climatic conditions for the growth of this grape variety.

The coastal condition of this region lengthens the period of ripening of the vines of this grape variety and as a result the concentration of the berries is superiorly good.

This grape variety is addressed under a number of names that include the names like Niella, Negretta, Nielluccia as well as Niellucio.

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There is a bit of confusion as to the exact origin of this red wine grape variety. According to some wine experts, this grape variety is indigenous to the regions of Corsica.

On the contrary, other theories claim that this red wine grape variety entertains an Italian origin and it could be a genetically identical clone of the Tuscan wine grape Sangiovese which came to the region of Corsica through Genoa.

This grape was considered to be introduced to Corsica by the Genoese at the time of their long time rule over this island that began from the 13th century and remained till 18th century.

However, this view hasn’t been accepted universally and some wine experts still stand firm on the fact that this grape variety is indigenous to the regions of Corsica.

To add more to this mystery, it is believed that the close similarities in between Sangiovese and Nieeluccio could mean that they could be exactly the same varieties.

Despite of all these facts and beliefs, this grape has been given a separate entry in the Oxford Companion to Wine as well as many other English as well as French wine texts. However, there is always a note describing the similarities in between the two grapes.


The wines produced out of this red wine grape varieties are considered to be robust and tannic. These wines entertain the moderate to high levels of acidity.

According to a number of wine experts, the wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are very alcoholic as to their nature. They entertain low color pigmentation as well as lacking guts.

The tannins and level of acidity of these red wine grapes help them to produce the wines that are full-bodied and they also entertain a potential of ageing. The winemaking process of this grape is carried out from clarification, fermentation, macerations and also these wines go through oak as well as filtering. A number of other methods are also used as to the preparation of the wines out of this grape variety. Overall, these wines are decent as to their taste.

Food pairing

The wines produced out of this grape variety taste the best when they are paired with the food items such as white sauce pasta, apple pie and roasted almonds.


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