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Ojaleshi grapes

by | Jan 31, 2017

Ojaleshi is considered as a very dark skinned variety of grape that is mostly grown in the region of Lechkumi.


This region is a historic province that is located in the northwestern Georgia along the Tskhenis-Tskali river valley and Rioni.

This grape variety has been prevailing in this particular region from a very long time and this area where the plantation and cultivation of this red wine grape variety is seen in abundance entertains a very moderate climate that is suitable for this red wine grape variety.

This grape variety is referred to as one of the finest red wine grape varieties that is offered by the country. Thus, a lot many people prefer the red wines prepared out of this grape variety on their tables.

The craze of this red wine grape variety is not only huge among the locals, but other people as well. As recorded in the ample anthocyanins, this grape variety produces deeply colored wines; however, it tends to be a little light-bodied in terms of its structure.

This grape variety is produced and extracted into both dry as well as off-dry forms. However, the wines made out of this grape variety are mostly vinified in their semi-sweet form.

The name of this red wine grape variety takes us to the very fact that this grape variety was grown in the trees once upon a time.

Wine grape varieties

As its name clearly refers the meaning grow on trees. The origin of this grape has also given rise to confusion with the less-known and less-renowned grape variety called Orbelian Ojaleshi, because many simply labeled it as Ojaleshi.

Thus, the growers are trying to stop the production of the latter grape variety in order to maintain the reputation of the authentic Ojaleshi in the world.

Talking about the vinification of the grapes, these grapes are hand-picked at the time when they attain their maturity. These grapes are later crushed and the process is further followed by the fermentation at a very controlled temperature, at about 23-28 degree Celsius.

The wine so produced is fermented by the use of cultured yeast strains. After it, the grapes were left for 5-7 days of maceration.

The whole arrangement then welcomes the natural sweetness and freshness of the wine. Lastly, until the process of boiling, this wine is kept cold at around 0 degree Celsius.  This grape variety is also known under the synonyms of Odjaleshi and Odzhaleshi respectively.


Not a lot of information has been recorded in regard to the origin of this grape variety. However, it is claimed that Ojaleshi owes its origin to the region of Lechkumi in Georgia.


Bunches of this red wine grape variety are medium as to their size. They usually range from twelve to fourteen centimeters respectively.

The berries of this red wine grape variety are also medium as to their size and they entertain a very dark violet color as to their appearance.

The vines of this grape variety do very well in the moderate continental climate. The grapes of this red wine grape variety tend to produce the wines that may be dry as well as off-dry.

However, these grapes are mostly vinified into semi-sweet wines. The color and appearance of the red wine may refer it to be heavier as to its taste; however the wines prepared out of this grape variety are very light-bodied as to their nature.

Characteristics of Ojaleshi Wine

These wines taste very similar to the flavors of cherry, raspberry as well as red currant. Also, there are hints of pepper and white spices.

The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are very classy and chic as their overall taste and appearance. In fact, these wines are considered as one of the finest wines that the country has to offer to its people.

The amazing flavors, the aroma as well as soothing freshness of these wines make people indulge in them.

Food pairing

All the wines prepared out of this red wine grape variety, taste the best when they are paired with the food items like Lobio, Georgian-style beans with walnut and spices, Kale with apples and walnuts as well as fruitcake along with cheddar cheese.

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