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Ondec grapes

by | Jan 31, 2017

Ondec is considered as a famous variety of white wine grape which hails from France.


In France, the plantation as well as cultivation of this white wine grape variety is mostly seen and carried out in the region of Gaillac in southwest France.

This grape variety was considered as one of the most famous grape varieties of the 19th century and it entertained a very famous planting in Bordeaux.

However, it soon fell out of the favor and fame, following the phylloxera epidemic as a result of its sensitivity to grape disease as well as poor yields.

Nevertheless, this white wine grape variety is still considered as one of the seven grape varieties that are permitted in the white varieties in Bordeaux.

Before the falling out of favor of this grape, the vine cuttings of this variety were brought from the region of Bordeaux to the Australia, where the grapes emerged to be one of the famous grape varieties of the region.

These grapes in that particular region were known under the synonyms of Sercial in South Australia as well as Irvine’s white in the region in Victoria.

However, these grapes weren’t identified as the Ondec grape till the year 1976 when a very famous French ampelographer, Paul Truel identified these vines while his visit to Australia.

Today, this white wine grape variety has slowly reached to the stage of extinction in Australia and there are only a few plantings of it that are encountered in Victoria where this grape is mainly used for the production of sparkling wines.

This grape variety is considered as one of the very popular varieties of grape of the ancient times. Ever since the beginning of the 20th century, this grape variety has slipped to the stage of obscurity.

Wine grape varieties

Fortunately, some of the peasants and local growers are still working upon the process of the revival of this grape variety in the region.

At one point of time during the 19th century, this grape variety was spread very widely among all the important wine regions of the French terrains.

These areas were the regions of Bordeaux, Loire Valley as well as the Frances South West. This grape variety is majorly concerned with the production of sweet, dry as well as sparkling wines.

It is also used very widely in the preparation of Cognac and Armagnac respectively. Today, the plantation as well as cultivation of this white wine grape variety is restricted only to the region of Gaillac.

There are only a few plantings of the vines of this grape variety in Portugal and California, where it was planted in large quantities.

The low yields of this white wine grape variety as well as its susceptibility to rot often give second thoughts to the peasants in growing and further maintaining these vines.

This grape variety is said to have taken its name from the town of Ondes that is located in between Toulouse and Fronton where the plantation of this grape variety is still very much in fashion.

This white wine grape variety is known under a number of synonyms such as Austenq, Bergeracois, Blanc Select, Bequin, Blanc Selection, Blanquette, Chalosse, Cu De, Blanquette Sucree, Ondin, Ondent, Prentiou, Sercial, Semis Blanc and many more.

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This white wine grape variety is believed to have originated in the southwestern France and the peak production of the vines of these grapes was carried out in the Cotes-de-Blaye region as well as on the foothills of Pyrenees.

In the beginning of the 19th century, these vines were taken to the region of Cognac where the grape was also known under the name of Blanc Selection Carriere.

The cuttings soon began to spread to different regions of California and Portugal. Later in the year 1832, this white wine grape variety was brought to Australia by James Busby.

All the plantings of the vines of this grape soon met a dead end and today only the Gaillac region of France is encountered to have the vines of this grape in abundance.


The wines produced out of this white wine grape variety entertain the characteristics of melon as well as citrus along with hay flavors.

These wines come with a high level of acidity. The body weight of these wines is very generous and they are highly perfumed as well.

Food pairing

All the wines produced out of this grape variety, taste the best on being paired with the food like almost and lemon cake, mussel cakes with chicory and thyme as well as roast pheasant with cider gravy.


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