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Oremus grapes

by Jan 31, 20170 comments

Oremus is a variety of white wine grape which mainly hails from the regions of Hungary. This grape variety is not an original grape variety.


It is a cross performed in between two distinct varieties of grape namely, Frumit grape and Bouvier grape. This grape variety is highly used in the production of the Tokaji wines that are considered as one of the tastiest varieties of white wines in the world today.

The name of this grape variety was soon changed from Oremus to Zeta in the year 1999. Today, this grape variety is known under its very new name and the authentic name of this grape lives on the Oremus-branded Tokaji wines that are produced by the Vega Sicilia.

This grape variety is primarily used as a blending component in all the sweet wines of Tokaj.

As a matter of fact, Zeta is far from a core ingredient in the production of the Tokaji wines and it is regarded more as a curiosity than a major ingredient in the local vineyards.

This grape is taken into use exclusively in the local sweet wines produced in the region. However, a number of winemakers have also experimented this grape variety in regard to the production of dry wines.

This grape variety is still made into a varietal dry wine in some regions. These wines are characterized by their aromas of green apple as well as pear.

The major asset of this white wine grape variety is that it has a specific aptitude for the high concentrations of sugar. The vines of this grape variety ripen very early. These vines are very much susceptible to botrytis.

Wine grape varieties

Besides Hungary, the plantation and cultivation of this white wine grape variety are majorly carried out in the neighboring Central European countries such as Slovakia, Slovenia as well as Austria.

In these particular regions, this variety of white wine grape is concerned with the production of the sweet wines which are excellent in terms of their quality.

One of the major reasons why this grape variety has been crossed with Furmint grape in order to come up with Oremus is because of its high suitability as to the creation of the blended dessert wines that do not compromise over the quality.

On the very other hand, Furmint grape is a native varietal which can be considered as one of the greatest gifts of the world to the wine industry. Thus, this grape is primarily utilized in the production of Tokaji wines in the region of Hungary.

In all its vineyards, this grape variety performs the best on all kinds of heavy as well as clay-based soils. These soils are the same kind of soils that may be found around the banks of the Bodrog as well as Tisza rivers of Tokaj.


This white wine grape variety finds its major origin in Hungary. As already stated, this grape variety is a corss performed in between Bouvier and Furmint.

The resulting grape was then introduced to the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region of Hungary in the year 1951. This grape was authorized for the production of the wines in the year 1990.

Wines with Oremus grapes


All the wines produced out of this grape variety are considered as one of the most impressive wines in terms of their taste as well as quality.

As already stated, this grape is popularly used for the production of Tojak wines that are rich and tasteful. The tasting notes of the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety are similar to that of cherries, plums as well as blackberries.

Also, these wines entertain spicy notes along with soothing flavors, which could be largely attributed to the oak aging of tobacco, clove, cedar as well as unsweetened chocolate.

Talking about the aroma of these wines, it is very distinctive in nature. All the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety are considered to be having a very long finish.

The delicate levels of tannins along with a balanced level of acidity make these wines one of the best white wines on the tables.

Food pairing

All the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety, taste their best with the food like Hungarian jam-filled sweet rolls, crepes and caramel cream as well as sticky rice with mango.

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