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Oseleta Grapes

Oseleta is one of the rarest varieties of red vine which is grown in the Veneto region of Italy.

If you go a little back in time, Oseleta vine was close to nil, but today, this wine has its share of loyal lovers.

The credit of bringing this wine back to the limelight goes to Masi winery, one of the famous wineries based in that region.

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It is loved more as a blend as it adds a backbone to several other wines by giving them a variety and making them stand out in the crowd.

In the place where, the love for wine is quite evident, the Oseleta has a great fan following.

Origin of Oseleta Grapes

To trace the origin of the rare Oseleta grape, you need to go about 150 years back.

For centuries, the Oseleta Vine had been grown in the north-eastern regions of Italy, but then came across a downfall.

The reason behind this downfall is that, it is a low yielding variety of grapes. Oseleta went against the favours of financial circumstances and hence, it lost its place.

Other high yielding varieties of grapes became hit and Oseleta slowly started fading.

Reaching the early 21st century, there were only 20 hectares (50 acres) of Oceleta vineyards, or maybe less, situated inland from Lake Garda’s eastern shores.

In the early 21st Century, there are fewer than 50 acres (20 hectares) of Oseleta vines, located just inland from the eastern shores of Lake Garda.

In 1980s, the reincarnation of Oseleta happened. In the Masi vineyard, the Oseleta was replanted and hence, saved from extinction.

Today, this wine variety grows in the vineyard in Valgatara, the vineyards in Gargagnago and the Pol vineyard. These vineyards were picked up by the Masi technical group.

Oseleta, also known as Osella, Oseline, Osela and Oselletta Nera, is believed to be related to Rondinella and Corvina Varonese, the DNA testing is yet to be done though.

Climate and Geography

As we have already mentioned that today, Oseleta grows in three different vineyards designated by the Masi technical group.

These three vineyards have the perfect climate and geography that supports the growth and cultivation of the Oseleta variety of grapes.

The vineyard in Valgatara has rich alluvial soil where Oseleta grows finely. Here, it is grown in pergola fashion.

Another, variety of soil, which is preferable for the growth of Oseleta is tufaceous soil, which is a characteristic of the Pol vineyard.

The rich soil that has got its origin from the volcanic limestone is very favourable for the growth of Oseleta grapes and on top of it, the mild climate of the region, which is a courtesy of breezes from Mount Baldo, favours the cultivation.

In the Gargagnago vineyard, the calcareous layers of soil to support the cultivation of Oseleta grapes.

Characteristics of Oseleta

Oseleta, a very rare variety of grapes, has a rich and intense colour, more tannin as well as acidity.

The richness and texture of this grape variety have inclined the makers to blend Oseleta with other wines to add on their personality.

The credit of giving burly and intense wine goes to Oseleta and not to forget, the intense red colour.

The Oseleta was applauded for giving redness and richness to other wines and gained more appraisal as a blend than as an individual wine.

The Oseleta lends structure and redness to wines like Oscar and Toar.

Wines with Oseleta grapes

The many wines that include Oseleta are Masi Oscar 2007 (100% Oseleta), Toar 2010 (75% Corvina and 25% Oseleta),  Masi Brolo Campofiorin Ora 2010 (10% Oseleta), Rosso Veronese I.G.T. (100% Oseleta), Zyme Oseleta Verona 2009, and many more to add to this list.

Food That Goes With Oseleta Wine

The rich red wine has a strong acidic taste and not to forget more tannin and dark berry character.

The powerfully red Oseleta wine tastes superb if taken with braised lamb with carrot and rosemary.

You can also serve this rare red wine with poached sausages with vegetable broth; it tastes well with it.

Pair the Oseleta wine with mature hard cheese. It is really to die for. The taste of mature hard cheese contrast well with the intensity of Oseleta wine.

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