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Other grape varieties

We have a list of Grape Varieties without any content for them yet. If you are interested in writing an article for one of them, getting the credit we can provide for it, please contact us for further information.

Other Vine Grape Varieties

Azal Espanhol, Red
Băbească albă, White
Babić, Red
Bachet Noir, Red
Balzac blanc, White
Banat Riesling, White
Banat Rizling, White
Baratuciat, White
Barcelo, White
Bariadorgia, White
Barsaglina, Red
Bastardo Magarachsky, Red
Béclan, Red
Beichun, Red
Bekari, Red
Belina, White
Benedino, White
Béquignol Noir, Red
Besgano bianco, White
Bia blanc, White
Biancame, White
Bianchetta Trevigiana, White
Bianchetti Genovese, White
Biancone di Portoferraio, White
Biborkadarka, Red
Bical, White
Bigolona, White
Blatina, Red
Blatterle, White
Blauburger, Red
Blauer Arbst, Red
Boais, White
Bogazkere, Red
Bogdanuša, White
Bombino Nero, Red
Bonamico, Red
Bonda, Red
Bondoletta, Red
Bonicaire, Red
Bonvedro, Red
Borba blanca, White
Bordelesa Zuri, White
Borracal, Red
Borrado das Moscas, White
Bouchalès, Red
bourgogne, Red
Bourrisquou, Red
Bouteillan Noir, Red
Bovale Grande, Red
Bracciola Nera, Red
Brachetto del Piemonte, Red
Brajda Mala, Red
Braquet Noir, Red
Bratislavské biele, White
Bratkovina, Red
Brocol, Red
Brugnola, Red
Brujidera, Red
Brun Argenté, Red
Brun Fourca, Red
Brunal, Red
Brustiano bianco, White
Bubbierasco, Red
Budai Zöld, White
Burger, White
Caberinta, Red
Cabernet Carbon, Red
Cabernet Carol, Red
Cabernet Colonjes, Red
Cabernet Cortis, Red
Cabernet Cubin, Red
Cabernet Dorio, Red
Cabernet Dorsa, Red
Cabernet Jura, Red
Cabernet Moravia, Red
Cabernet Pfeffer, Red
Cabernet Severny, Red
Cabertin, Red
Caddiu, Red
Cainho branco, White
Caíño blanco, White
Caino Bravo, Red
Caiño Tinto, Red
Calabrese di Montenuovo, Red
Calagraño, White
Calandro, Red
Calitor Noir, Red
Callet, Red
Caloria, Red
Camaralet, White
Camaraou Noir, Red
Camarate, Red
Camarese, Red
Campbell Early, Red
Canari blanc, White
Canina Nera, Red
Cannamela, Red
Cañocazo, White
Carcajolo Nero, Red
Carica l’Asino, White
Caricagiola, Red
Carignan blanc, White
Carménère, Red
Carminoir, Red
Carrasquin, Red
Casavecchia, Red
Cascarolo bianco, White
Casculho, Red
Castagnara, Red
Catalanesca, Red
Catanese Nero, Red
Cavrara, Red
Cencibel, Red
Cerceal, White
César, Red
Cevat Kara, Red
Charentsi, Red
Chenel, White
Chichaud, Red
Chidiriotiko, Red
Chkhaveri, Red
Chondromavro, Red
Cianorie, Red
Claret de Gascogne, White
Claret de Gers, White
Claverie, White
Cocur, White
Coda di Pecora, White
Codega, White
Colombana nera, Red
Cornifesto, Red
Corvinone, Red
Courbu, White
Courtillier Musqué, White
Crato, White
Crato bianco, White
Crato branco, White
Crouchen, White
Darkenuša, Red
Dattier, White
Diagalves, White
Dinka, White
Donzelinho branco, White
Doradillo, White
Douce Noire grise, Red
Drupeggio, White
Ederena, Red
Emir Karasi, White
Enfariné noir, Red
Escanyavella, White
Esgana, White
Esgana Cão, White
Esquitxagos, White
Étraire, Red
Ezerjó, White
Faber, White
Faberrebe, White
False Pedro, White
Farana, White
Favorita, White
Ferral, White
Ferrón, Red
Fetească albă, White
Fetiaska, White
Fié gris, White
Fiét, White
Findling, White
Fologosão, White
Forcallat tinta, Red
Francavida, White
Freiburger, White
Fromenteau, White
Frontignan, White
Furmint, White
Galego Dourado, White
Gamashara, Red
Gamay 15, Red
Garrido, White
Garrut, Red
Girò, Red
Giró blanc, White
Gloria, White
Goldburger, White
Goldriesling, White
Gouget noir, Red
Graisse, White
Grand noir de la Calmette, Red
Grasa, White
Grasă de Cotnari, White
Grauburgunder, White
Grecanio, White
Greco bianco, White
Grenache gris, White
Grisa nera, Red
Grk Bijeli, White
Grolleau gris, White
Groslot, Red
Guardavalle, White
Guarnaccia, Red
Guarnaccia bianca, White
Gueuche noir, Red
Gutenborner, White
Helfensteiner, Red
Hondarribi Beltza, Red
Irsai Olivér, White
Italia, White
Izkiriota Handi, White
Izkiriota Ttipi, White
Jaén blanca, White
Jampal, White
Jaubertin, Red
Johannisberg Riesling, White
Joubertin, Red
Juan Garcia
Juan Ibáñez, Red
Jurkovica, Red
Juwel, White
Kakhet, Red
Kanzler, White
Karija l’Osü, White
Kéknyelű, White
Kerner, White
Klein Rauschling, White
Klevner, White
Klingelberger, White
Krstač, White
Kujundžuša, White
Lacrima nera, Red
Ladikino, White
Lagarino bianco, White
Lagorthi, White
Lazki Rizling, White
Leànyka, White
Len de l’El, White
Len de l’Elh, White
Léon Millot, Red
Listan negro, Red
Lladoner Pelut, Red
Lledoner Pelut, Red
Loin-de-l’oeil, White
Maceratino, White
Magarach Bastardo, Red
Magaratch Ruby, Red
Magliocco Dolce, Red
Magyarfrankos, Red
Maiolica, Red
Majarcă Albă, White
Malagoussia, White
Malvoisie, White
Mandelari, Red
Mandelaria, Red
Mandolari, Red
Manseng noir, Red
Manteudo, White
Mantonico bianco, White
Marasovka, Red
Maria Gomes, White
Marsigliana nera, Red
Marzemina bianca, White
Mátrai Muskotály, White
Mauzac noir, Red
Mavrodafni, Red
Mayorquin, Red
Meghrabujr, Red
Merille, Red
Meslier St-François, White
Mezesfehér, White
Miguel del Arco, Red
Milgranet, Red
Minella bianca, White
Miousap, White
Modrulj, Red
Moll, White
Monastrell, Red
Montu, White
Montuni, Red
Moristel, Red
Mornen noir, Red
Morrastel Bouschet, Red
Moscatel branco, White
Moscatel de Austria, White
Moscatel de Málaga, de Setúbal, White
Moscatel Rosada, White
Moscatell, White
Moscophilero, White
Mourisco tinto, Red
Mouyssaguès, Red
Mtevandidi, Red
Mujuretuli, Red
Müllerebe, Red
Muscat Bouschet, Red
Muskateller, White
Napa Gamay, Red
Negru de Dragasani, Red
Neherleschol, White
Neretto di Bairo, Red
Nerkarat, Red
Neyret, Red
Nincusa, Red
Nobling, White
Notardomenico, Red
Oeillade noire, Red
Öküzgözü, Red
Olaszrizling, White
Olivella nera, Red
Oraniensteiner, White
Orion, White
Oz, White
Pagedebit, White
Pampanino, White
Parč, White
Pardillo, White
Pascal blanc, White
Pascale di Cagliari, Red
Pearl of Csaba, White
Pedro Luis, White
Perdal, Red
Petit Rouge, Red
Picardin, White
Piccola nera, Red
Piccolito, White
Pignola Valtellinese, Red
Pignolo, Red
Pinella, White
Pinot grigio, White
Pinot jaune, White
Pinot nero
Piquepoul blanc, White
Piquepoul gris, White
Piquepoul noir, Red
Piquepoult, White
Plant de Graisse, White
Planta Fina, White
Planta Nova, White
Plassa, Red
Plavac Plavina, Red
Plavai, White
Plavay, White
Plavina, Red
Plavina Mala, Red
Plavina Sitnah, Red
Plavina Velka, Red
Plavinac, Red
Plavka, Red
Plavka Mala, Red
Plousard, Red
Pollera nera, Red
Portan, Red
Preto de Mortágua, Red
Preto Martinho, Red
Prunesta, White
Rabigato, White
Raisin blanc, White
Rāuschling, White
Reberger, Red
Regner, White
Retagliado bianco, White
Rèze, White
Rivaner, White
Roesler, Red
Rossola nera, Red
Rossolino nero, Red
Rotgipfler, White
Rovello bianco, White
Rubintos, Red
Ruché, Red
Sabro, White
Saint-Pierre Doré, White
San Giuseppe nero, Red
sancerre, Red
Sarfeher, White
Sárfehér, White
Sauvignonasse, White
Savagnin blanc, White
Schönburger, Red
Schwarzriesling, Red
Segalin, Red
Ségalin, Red
Septiner, White
Sereksia, White
Servanin, Red
Sgaretta, Red
Sgavetta, Red
Shiroka Melnishka Losa, Red
Sousón, Red
Souvignier gris, White
Spagnol, White
Ste Marie, White
Sumarello, Red
Susumaiello, Red
Szürkebarát, White
Tamares, White
Tamarêz, White
Tamianka, White
Tamîioasa, White
Téoulier, White
Termarina rossa, Red
Terret gris, White
Thiniatiko, Red
Tinta Carvalha, Red
Tinta Miuda, Red
Tinta Pinheira, Red
Tinto Cão, Red
Tocai Friulano, White
Torrontés, White
Touriga Franca, Red
Touriga Nacional, Red
Tramini, White
Trbljan, White
Tresallier, White
Trevisana nera, Red
Tsaoussi, White
Tsolikauri, White
Turca, Red
Uva della Marina, Red
Uva di Barletta, Red
Uva di Canosa, Red
Uva Tosca, Red
Uvalino, Red
Vaccarèse, Red
Vega, White
Velika Plavka, Red
Verdia, White
Verdoncho, White
Verdosilla, White
Verduzzo Trevigiano, White
Veroga, White
Versoaln, White
Volidza/Volitsa, Red
Weldra, White
Wrothham Pinot, Red
Würzer, White
Xuri Zerratua, White
Zala Gyöngye, White
Zalema, White
Zefir, White
Zenit, White
Zeusz, White

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