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Pallagrello Nero grapes

by Feb 3, 20170 comments

Pallagrello Nero is one of the most famous varieties of red wine grapes of Italy. In fact, this grape variety is counted among the best red wine grape varieties of the region.

Pallagrello Nero

This grape variety of red wine mainly hails from the Campania region of Italy. This grape, just like the Pallagrello Bianco that is the white wine grape, entertains a very long history in the region.

Both, Pallagrello Nero as well as Pallagrello Bianco is referred to as the similar grape varieties, however, they are very different from each-other.

The former is the red wine grape variety and the latter are the vines of white wine grape. Once considered as similar grape varieties, it was the DNA analysis that drew thin lines to distinct both these grape varieties from each-other.

However, this DNA profiling certainly lays down that this grape variety might entertain a relation with the old red Campania variety which was planted and cultivated in the province of Casetera, called as the Casavecchia.

However, the exact relationship in between these two varieties of grapes has not been established as of now. This grape variety is considered as an obscure grape variety with red berries.

The origin of this grape variety is very ancient. Though this grape variety was nearly meeting a dead end in the 20th century, but soon it was revived and the vines of this plant were saved from extinction.

The wines prepared out of this red wine grape variety are always admired for being full-bodied and high in terms of their flavors.

The plantation and cultivation of this red wine grape variety are seen exclusively in the region of Campania. To be more precise, this grape variety grows in abundance in the province of Caserta along with the Pallagrello Bianca.

One can also encounter a majority of grapes that could be found around the communes of Caiazzo, Alife, Alvignano, and Castel Campagnano.

Wine grape varieties

Outside the region of Caserta, the plantation of this grape variety can also be encountered in the regions of the provinces of Campobasso in Molise as well as Avellino in Campania in the form of minor plantings.

The success of the vineyards of this grape variety has been very recent and therefore no DOC level appellation of this grape variety has been permitted in the varietal wines.

On the contrary, the producers are taking the use of the regional IGT title that is a category of wine which has been designed to provide more freedom to the winemaker in preparing the wines.

This grape variety entertains a mid to late ripening and also has a natural tendency to be very low as to its yields. It has a great resistance to a number of viticultural hazards such as botrytis bunch rot and also comprises of a high natural content of the phenolic compounds that altogether contribute to the amazing red color of these wines.

This red wine grape variety is known under a number of synonyms such as Coda di Volpe near, Pallagrella near, Pallareli, Piedilungo, Piedimonterosso and many others.


This red wine grape variety has been originated in the region of Campania. However, according to a number of researchers, this red wine grape variety is of a Greek origin.

The phylloxera epidemic that took place in the late 19th century sent this grape variety to a near extinction. Fortunately, a local grower of grapes discovered this grape variety in the 1990’s and replanted it along with a handful of other producers who followed the suit.


The wines prepared out of this red wine grape variety are considered as very tasteful in nature. They are therefore considered as the rich wines that are preferred by a majority of people on their tables.

The vines of this grape produce small and thick skinned berries that prepare a wine with intense flavors. The level of alcohol in these wines is reasonably high and they also have gentle tannins.

Talking about the aromas of these wines, they exhibit the fragrances of the black fruit such as plum and blackberry along with peppery and chocolaty notes. This grape variety is rarely prepared into varietal wines.

Food pairing

All the wines prepared out of this grape variety are paired the best with the foods like wild boar marinated in five-spice, pizza with prosciutto, potato and rosemary.

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