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Pedro Gimenez grapes

by Feb 8, 20170 comments

White wines are delicate, white wines are delicious. Not only this, the flavors present in the white wines are usually regarded as the recognized flavors that are aromatic, light and very pleasure-some to the taste buds of a person.

Pedro Gimenez

A majority of people may prefer the red wines on their tables; however, the white wines are no inferior. There are a number of regions that carry out the abundant plantation as well as cultivation of the vines of the white wine grapes.

These vines are further vinified and later they are turned into the wines that are either blends or the varietal wines.

Pedro Gimenez is considered as one such variety of white wine grapes, the wines of which are preferred by a number of people on their tables. This white wine grape variety mainly hails from the region of Argentina.

Unfortunately, the saddest thing that the vines of this white wine grape variety are facing these days is nothing but its stage of declination.

There is another grape variety that entertains a very similar name to the grape variety of Pedro Gimenez, namely Pedro Ximenez.

Wine grape varieties

The former is an Argentinian grape variety while the later hails from Spain. A number of people confuse both of these grape varieties as one. However, according to a number of ampelographers, both these varieties of grapes are not similar at all.

They both possess only one similarity and that is nothing but their respective names. The vines of Pedro Gimenez are mostly grown in the region of Mendoza which happens to be a popular wine region of Argentina.

These white wines prepare the wines that are very similar to the wines prepared out of Criolla Grande as well as Cereza.

The plantings of this white wine grape variety apart from Argentina are also found in some parts of Chile where this grape variety is considered as a minor grape variety and is used as to the production of Pisco.

The grapes of this white wine grape variety are also known as Pedro Jimnez. This grape variety mainly finds its abundant production in the region of Mendoza; it holds almost two-thirds of the production of wine in the entire country of Argentina.


The production of this white wine grape variety is very much disputed. According to some wine experts, this variety of white wine grape finds its origin in the regions of Argentina.

On the very contrary, a number of other wine experts have a belief that this variety of white wine grape was brought to Chile in the 16th century by a German soldier, Peter Siemens. Even today, the plantings and vines of this white wine grape variety are seen in various regions of Chile, however, in very less quantities.


As already stated, the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety are mostly compared with the grape varieties of Cereza and Criolla Grande.

The wines produced out of this grape are considered to be simple wines that are simple to its characteristics as well as its taste.

These wines are also considered to be the ideal wines for the barbeques or a party because of its rich taste and simple characteristics.

These wines are not too complex in nature and they entertain a very subtle aroma. There are mute grape scents found in the wines prepared out of this grape variety.

At the same time, the wines produced out of this grape variety entertain an adequate level of acidity and are slightly sweet with similar hints of fruit and some bitterness on the finish. The wines produced out of this white wine grape variety are best served when they are chilled.

Food pairing

All the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety, taste their best when they are paired with the food items like crackers and cheese. They also taste very well with white sauce pasta and smoked vegetables.

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Michael Bredahl

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