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Pelaverga grapes

by | Feb 8, 2017

Pelaverga is considered as a rare variety of red wine grape that hails from the hills of Piedmont in the region of northwest Italy.


This red wine grape variety entertains two last bastions in the Colline as well as Verduno Pelaverga DOCs of the Cuneo province of Piedmont.

In this particular province, this red wine grape variety is carried out in the preparation of the light-colored wines that come with a distinctive aroma of strawberry as well as a fruity flavor and a great fragrance, greater than that of the Pinot Noir spectrum.

This red wine grape variety is mostly used in the production of the sparkling wines and they reveal an alternative or so to speak, a very light-hearted side of the wines of Piedmontese.

The village of Verduno, located to the west of Alba on the banks of the Tanaro River, is right at the very northern edge of the catchment area of Barolo DOCG.

The growers of this region have resisted the temptation to prevent the red wine grape variety of Pelaverga entirely from their respective vineyards, even though the vines of Nebbiolo, which produce the grapes of the prestigious cuvees of Barolo are much more precious.

At the same time, in the larger areas of CollineSaluzzesi this red wine grape variety is considered as a key grape in the production of the varietal wines of that particular region, the vines of this grape variety are falling.

This is because of the increasing fame and popularity of the varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon as well as Chardonnay. All these factors have made this red wine grape variety as a rare grape variety.

Wine grape varieties

The leaves of this red wine grape variety are medium-large as to its appearance, pentagonal as well as three-lobed or to be more rare five-lobed. The bunch of these grapes is medium to large, conical as well as elongated pyramid and it further possesses one or more wings.

There are plenty of blooms, blue-purple shades available on the skin of the grapes. This is because of the presence of bloom in them. The pulp of these grapes entertains a very pleasant taste.

The production of the vines of this grape variety is high; however, it is mostly on and off. This red wine grape variety is a little sensitive to the deficiency of magnesium and this grape is mostly afraid of sunburn.

It entertains a good tolerance to pests as well as adverse weather. This grape variety can neatly escape the cold spells as well as late frosts.

Another interesting feature about this red wine grape variety is its name. The name of this red wine grape variety is very interesting. If the whole name is cut into two, “pela” refers to the method of peeling and “verga” refers to the branch.

Thus, the name altogether refers to ‘branch peeler’. According to several wine experts the name of this red wine grape variety has got something to do with a viticultural practice.

This red wine grape variety is also known under a wide range of synonyms such as Caleura, Cario, Cari, Calora, Carolon, Cario, Peilaverga, Uva Coussa, PelaVerga, Uvadelle Zuche.


This grape variety entertains a very ancient origin. However, the exact origin of this red wine grape variety is considered as very uncertain.

The location is very limited. According to several wine experts, this red wine grape variety is said to have originated in the town of Verduno Roddi as well as the municipalities of La Morra in the regions and the province of Cuneo, in the territory of the Langhe.


The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are mostly used as the table wines and is preferred by a number of wine lovers on their tables.

These wines are pale and rare. These wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are slightly fizzy as to its appearance. In terms of their flavors, they are very similar to strawberry-flavored wines.

Food pairing

All the wines produced out of this red wine grape variety, taste the best when they are paired with the food items such as prosciutto and rocketmelon, vegetable salad with strawberries as well as balsamic vinegar and carpaccio.


Michael Bredahl

Michael Bredahl

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