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Petit Courbu grapes

by | Feb 10, 2017

Petit Courbu is considered as a very light skinned variety of white wine grape that mainly hails from the southwest region of France.

Petit Courbu

This variety was almost on the verge of extinction once upon a time. However, soon because of the local passionate wine lovers the plantation and cultivation of this white wine grape variety came back in the past few decades, after which this white wine grape variety became all the more popular among the people.

The most popular example of the revival of the trend of this white wine grape variety is that of the Viognier of Rhone Valley.

The name of this white wine grape variety implies to little curve one, and this white wine grape variety is simply referred to as Courbu.

Because of its existence as a white wine grape variety, this variety is most often confused with the grape variety called Courbu Blanc, which is only minutely different from the former grape variety.

According to a famous French ampelographer, Pierre Galet, both these grape varieties are different because of the difference in their leaves.

Wine grape varieties

The leaves of the former grape variety become a little darker in the spring season. On the other side, the similarity in between these both varieties of these grapes is nothing but their origin and they are said to be hailing from Gascony.

Both of them are also considered as very similar as to their characteristics as they are used in the preparation of dry as well as sweet wines of Pacherenc du Vic-Bih as well as Jurancon along with the preparation of dry white wines in the regions of Irouleguy.

The grape variety of Petit Courbu can also be used in the preparation of the white wine grape variety of Saint-Mont where the grape variety of Courbu Blanc is not allowed.

This white wine grape variety is rarely used as to its production of the varietal wines and is traditionally blended with all other varieties such as Arrufiac as well as Mansengs.

This white wine grape variety is also used in an increasing proportion of the very popular grape variety of Sauvignon Blanc.

This white wine grape variety is said to have discovered to be from two different kinds of grape varieties that were related to Courbu Blanc.

There is a mutated version of this white wine grape variety that entertains a darker skin. Unfortunately, this mutated version of the grape variety is almost closer to its extinction. This white wine grape variety is also known under the synonyms of Courbu as well as Courbu Petit.


This white wine grape variety is said to have originated from the Gascony region of France, which is located towards the south-west of the country.

This grape entertains a very long and a rich history. The name of this white wine grape variety described its berries.

This grape variety entertains a very ancient origin and after its revival, it has become very popular among the French.

Part #4


The grapes of this white wine grape variety entertain a very light colored skin. They have a medium body and there are aromas of honey and citrus present in them.

The wines produced out of this grape variety are therefore considered as full of fragrance and tasteful in nature. The citrus and honey flavor present in them make these wines one of the most preferred white wines on to the tables.

Furthermore, the level of acidity and tannins present in the wines prepared out of this white wine grape variety is also considered as decent and therefore the overall characteristics and nature of these wines is very impressive.

The wines of this white wine grape variety taste the best when they are served chilled. These grapes produced both sweet as well as dry wines.

Food pairing

Because of their citrus and honey flavor, the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety go well with a number of food items.

Thus, these wines taste the best when they are paired with the food items such as leek and onion quiche (dry wines), seared scallops along with chili lime dressing (dry wines) as well as Rochefort cheese (sweet wines).


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