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Wine with Piedirosso grapes

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Italy has many fantastic wines to its credit and Piedirosso is one of the most amazing red grape varieties that are grown largely in Campania in Italy.

Wine with Piedirosso grapes

In Italy, this wine variety is grown primarily for local consumption as well for tourist consumption. This grape variety was broadly planted during the 19th century, just after the phylloxera crisis; but after this crisis, the plantations declined drastically.

Today, the scenario is a bit different. Piedirosso, the red wine grape variety has begun to gain a foothold again in the vast world of wines.

The red grape is slowly and steadily returning into the circuit. But, this time, it is coming up as an amazing blending partner for Olivella and Aglianico.

In Italian, the word Piedirosso stands for “red feet”. This grape is named Piedirosso because of the stem of the variety that has three branches.

The stems are typically russet coloured and due to the colour and the pattern of the vines, it resembles the foot of a dove.

Wine grape varieties

Some other grape varieties have also derived their name from the same resemblances like Palombina stands for “little dove” and another variety named Pere’e Pallummo stands for “foot of dove”.

Some people believe that Piedirosso is one of the parent varieties of Abbuoto which is an amazing grape variety native to central Italy. Abbuoto is considered the offspring of Piedirosso and Casavecchia.

DNA analysis was carried out to rule out the relationship between these grape varieties and the result of the DNA analysis showed that these grape varieties have a very close genetical relationship.

The study descried a relation between Piedirosso and Caprettone which is a white Campanaian grape. Caprettone was earlier considered Coda di Volpe’s clone.

Characteristics of the wine

Piedirosso is used to make single- varietal wines as well as blends. The blends are more popular than the varietal wines but, the varietal wines too possess some of the very striking characteristics.

Talking about the characteristics of the single varietal wines, the wines are deep ruby in colour. The colour is very striking in its appearance. The wines are very full-bodied and possess soft tannins.

The wine also has some striking flavours that are soft, subtle and please the taste buds to the core. The wines show flavours of brambly wild berry fruit, cherry and plum.

Some of the other complex characteristics that this wine showcases are simply exhiliriating. They include the characters of mushroom, damp earth and espresso.

Many Piedirosso wines show a minerally character, a little salty. This is quite a distinct character which can be due to volcanic soils on which the vines bloom. All the single- variety wines made from Piedirosso are tagged under IGT title.

Synonyms of Piedirosso

There are several synonyms of Piedirosso including Piede Colombo, Strepparossa, Streppa Verde, Palumbo, Pererusso, Palombina Nera , Per’e Palumo, Piede di Colombo, Piedepalumbo,  Pere’e Pallummo, Piede di Palumbo, Perepalummo, and Palombina.

Blends made from Piedirosso

Piedirosso is known for the fantastic blends. The blends are popular than Piedirosso. Piedirosso is planted in ten DOC areas in Italy’s Campania; Campo Flegrei, Taburno, Capri, Falrno del Massico, Amalfi Coast, Ischaia, Sannio, Penisola Sorrentina, Sant’Agata dei Goti as well as Vesuvio.

The most popular blend is Lacryma Christi del Vesuviored as well as rose wines. In this wine, Piedirosso makes up for a minimum 50% of the bled.

The reminder of the blends is credited to Aglianico and Olivella. The blends that show the similar requirements are Penisola Sorrentina, Ischia and Campi Flegrei red wines.

This wine variety is added to add some complexity and softness to wines like Aglianico. As Aglianico is a very intense variety, Piedirosso tones its down a bit.

It is also used as a minor blending component, less than about 15% in 2 of the 4 DOCGs in Aglianico del Taburno and Taurasi. It is also sometimes used in passito.

Passito is an Italian style of straw wine, vin de paille which is a sweet wine. It is made of dried grapes.

Food Pairings with Piedirosso

Piedirosso pairs best with cheese pizza. The pizza and the wine complement each other becoming one of the best combinations. Piedirosso can also be paired with grilled portobello mushrooms with mozzarella and thyme.


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