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PX grapes

PX White wine, popularly known as Pedro Ximenez, is a very famous wine made up of a variety of white Spanish wine grapes.

This grape is grown in many wine regions scattered in Spain but, the most prominent wine regions growing this grape variety is Denominacion de Origen (DO) of Montilla- Moriles.

The wine produced by this grape variety is sweet and dark black. Pedro Ximenez is quite popular among the wine lovers. It is known for its raisin and molasses like taste.

Wine grape varieties

Pedro Ximenez is also known by the name Don Bueno, Pedro, Jimenez, Alamais, Pierre Ximenes, Pedro Ximenez Bijeli, Myuskadel, Chirones, Pedro Ximenez, Corinto bianco, Alamis De Totana, Verdello and many other names.

Origin and History of Pedro Ximenez Wine

The history and origin of PX wine is different for different ampelographers.

The origin of this wine, as believed by F.J. Sachs, a German ampelographer is in Madeira or Canary Island. According to him, this wine was then brought to the German wine regions of Rheinhessen, Rheimgau and later to Mosel.

The grape was then taken to Malaga and Sierras de Malaga by either a Catholic Cardinal Ximenes or by Pedro Ximen, Spanish solider.

Today, it is believed that, this wine grape variety originated in Southern Spain in a region of Andalusia and has been growing there since the 17th century.

Some theories believe that Pedro Ximenez was originated from Gibi, an Arabic table grape. A DNA analysis in the 2007 proved the statement true.

Back in time this wine was also grown in Australia. These wines were known by the name Apera. They were fortified and sherry type wines.

These were particularly grown in the Swan Valley in Australia due to the hot climate of the valley which is very favorable for this grape variety to grow well.

The credit of introducing this wine variety in Australia goes to James Busby who brought the wine to the country down under in the year 1832.

Wines with PX grapes

Viticulture of Pedro Ximenez Wine

This wine grape is prominently grown in the Montilla- Moriles region of Spain. It is a mid to late ripening variety of grape.

The grapevine is very productive and vigorous. The grapes grow in large clusters. They are of irregular size. The berries are of very thick skin.

The vine needs rich soil to grow. The good thing about the vine is that it needs very less pruning.

This grape variety is very susceptible to Viticultural hazard. They are often attacked by botrytis bunch rot, esca, eutypa dieback and downy mildew.

This grape variety is resistant to powdery mildew which is a fungal disease. It is also very prone to destruction by termite attack.

The wine produced by this grape variety is very sweet. To prepare the PX wine, the grapes are dried in the hot sun.

They are aged in the solera system. This method also helps in concentrating the sweetness of the wine.

The wine is intensely sweet. The sweetness resembles the strong sweetness of molasses and raisins.

Major Wine Regions of Pedro Ximenez Wine

The major wine region in Spain is Montilla- Moriles wine region. Other regions where this grape is grown include DO (Denominacion de Origen) of Jerez de la Frontera, Valencia and Malaga and Sierras de Malaga.

Outside Spain, this grape is also grown in Portugal in the wine regions of Evora, Vinho Regional (VR) in Algarve. This grape is also found in several wine regions of South America and Australia.

Characteristics of Pedro Ximenez Wine

The primary character of this wine is its sweetness. This wine is broadly known for its dark color and sweetness.

The wine carries strong sweetness like raisins and molasses. The dessert sherry wine has a rich texture and tastes divine.

The wine carries and enticing aroma of dried fruits, figs, chocolates and toffee. The rich feel of the wine is a pleasure to the taste buds.

Food Pairing with Pedro Ximenez Wine

The food that goes well with this wine variety includes Arroz con leche which is a typical rice pudding with cinnamon and raisins, and vanilla ice- cream with caramel sauce.

This wine also pairs well with sticky date pudding.

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