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Rauschling grapes

by | Feb 17, 2017

Rauschling is known to be a white wine grape variety that is concerned with the production of some of the tasteful white wines.


Once considered as a very abundant variety of white wine grape, the plantation and cultivation of this white wine grape variety are found only in small amounts today.

To be more specific, the presence of the vines of this white wine grape variety is there in small amounts only in the German-speaking parts of Switzerland.

In this particular region, this white wine grape variety is used as to the production of crisp, fruity as well as acidic white wines that are preferred by many.

Once upon a time, this white wine grape variety was considered to be a very widespread variety of white wine grapes all throughout the regions of Germany, Switzerland as well as Alsace.

Prior to the production and the planting of the grape of Muller-Thurgau, this grape variety along with Elbling was considered to be the most common grape variety in the regions of Switzerland.

The German plantings of this white wine grape were found in the regions on Palatinate, Franconia as well as Wurttemberg and Baden in the medieval times.

This grape variety is also considered to be a grape variety of the early wines that were traded from the regions of Tramin.

The name of this white wine grape variety is believed to be derived from the strong leaf canopy of the vines of Raushcling that make the noise or so to speak Rauschen in German.

These noises were caused in the strong winds. This name was first appeared in the vineyard ordinance issued in the year 1614 by the Count Philipp Ernst zu Hohenlohe-Neuenstein.

Later, in the herbals drafted by Hieronymus Bock during the 16th century, this grape variety was referred to as Drutscht or Drutsch. This white wine grape variety is most commonly confused with the Riesling type and is considered to be related to it.

Wine grape varieties

Today, this green-skinned grape variety has become very rare. The plantings of this grape variety are scattered majorly at the terrains of northern Switzerland, particularly in the regions of ZurcherWeinland as well as Schaffhausen.

At the same time, the most plantings of this white wine grape variety are also considered to be present in the northern parts of the region of Southern Germany in the Baden region.

This grape variety is very much identified with the grape variety called Gouais Blanc. In fact, this kind of grape variety from the very old times is mostly noted, for it being a parent to the Pinot family of grapes.

Thus, this indicates that this white wine grape variety is technically associated with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir as well as Pinot Gris.

Also, all these famous grape varieties are planted in the similar regions where the cultivation of Rauschling is carried out at large.

Unfortunately, the plantings of this white wine grape variety have declined very significantly and this grape variety today has been replaced with another grape variety called Muller-Thurgau.

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This white wine grape variety is said to have originated in the regions of Switzerland. A strong documentation that could confirm the information about the origin of this white wine grape variety is still not recognized.


The wines produced out of this white wine grape variety is used as both blending as well as varietal wines. This white wine grape variety produces the wines that are considered to be fresh and simple as to their nature.

These wines could be both sparkling wines as well as still wines.  This grape variety, however is considered to be a very important component in the blended wines.

Sometimes, this grape is fermented in its dry state in order to carry out the production of the sparkling wines. The sparkling wines from these grapes are produced only if the grapes are high as to their level of acidity.

Overall, the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety are preferred by those who like light wines on their tables.

Food pairing

All the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety taste the best when they are paired with the food items such as cream of asparagus soup, takodaki as well as lemon lentil soup.


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