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Rkatsiteli grapes

by | Nov 10, 2016

Rkatsiteli is a white wine producing grape variety grown in Georgia mainly.


It can be found in other countries like Russia, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Macedinia.
The grape is used to make sparkling wines, table wines, brandy, fortified wines as well as sweet wines. Due to this versatile nature of the grape is used so abundantly.

In Georgia Kakheti region is affected by harsh winters and this grape variety grape is able to withstand this weather. It is very well known for making high quality sweet dessert wines.

Experiments were done to make sparkling wines, but the alcoholic content went up so high that it was not possible to create the desired sparkling wine. It is known by the names Corolic, Rkatziteli and Baiyu in different regions.

The harvest of the crop has to be done in mid-September October season. By this time the grape takes its original flavour and aroma.

Wine grape varieties

The grape has been the history for such a long time and so it needs to be preserved to show it to the coming generation to expand their knowledge and make them see something that has been in the human life since millenniums.

Almost all wine tasters have tasted wines made from either complete or some little part of Rkatsiteli grape and have given it a positive response in terms of taste.

A different type of wine, orange wine, was being made from this grape variety; this included keeping the buds for a long time after plucking to develop after growth taste.

Origin of Rkatsiteli

Rkatsiteli is among the oldest grape varieties known. Its origin is traced back to Georgia. It is known since 3000BC. In the Soviet Union, Rkatsiteli was considered to be an important grape.

Also at one point of time in the Soviet Union about 18% of the wine production was due to the Rkatsiteli grape. The grape was used for making all types of wines, from table wines to liqueurs.

Before President Gorbachev’s scheme was given Rkatsiteli was the world’s most largely grown grape variety. After gaining popularity in the Georgia area due to its highly compatible features, the grape was spread to the other parts of the world like Russia, US and many more.

It took a great struggle to become the best grape in the Georgia region. Since then it has faced little ups and downs, but is still being planted in the same, rather more, amount.


The Rkatsiteli grape has a pale coloured skin.

This grape variety is very resistant to cold weather conditions and can survive without damaging the buds.

The grape has a balance of sugar and acid. The acidity of the wine made from this grape variety is very high.

The buds of the vine are to be plucked as late as possible to give complete taste to the buds. The only disadvantage this variety of grape has is the absence of aromatic complexity.

It gives flavours of green apple with notes of white peach and quince. In terms of case Rkatsiteli grape can be compared with high quality wines such as Pinot Grigio. The wine has a high alcoholic level and well as high acidity.

This makes it favourable to most of the wine tasters as there are very fond of tasting wines with high acidity. You must taste wine made from this grape variety to enjoy its unique flavour. You will be happy to taste wine made from the top known grape varieties.

Food Pairing

The wines made from this grape variety grape have a high acidity making it easy to be paired with almost all food items. You can enjoy the flavour of c wine with roasted cheese with thyme-infused stuffing.

It can also be enjoyed with mozzarella and potato chips. Salted dishes and sushi are among the dishes which can be enjoyed with Rkatsiteli grape wine.

Potato pancakes are often taken with this wine. Since it is a versatile wine, there is rarely some food item which cannot be paired with. Fresh herb salad can be taken with some other food item.

The reputation of this grape variety has gone down, but it is among the oldest vines and so it has been continued to use. Another feature is its high performance, which forces the farmers to grow more and more Rkatsiteli grapes.

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Michael Bredahl

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    Could you advise as to where I could buy Rkatsiteli grapes ? I live in Canada.

    • Michael Bredahl

      Hi Normand,

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      Maybee somebody else could help us here?

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