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Rotburger grapes

by | Feb 22, 2017

Rotburger, popularly addressed as Zweigelt is considered as a famous variety of red wine grape that hails from the region of Austria.


In fact, this red wine grape variety is considered as the key grape of the regions of Austria, where it is associated with the preparation of a number of wines.

Apart from Austria, this red wine grape variety is also considered as a famous variety of red wine grape in the regions of Canada.

As of the information noted in the year 2008, the plantation and cultivation of the vines of this red wine grape variety were carried out at an area of 6,512 hectares.

In Canada, the plantation of this red wine grape variety particularly finds its place in the inroads in the Canadian regions, especially in the regions of the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario along with the areas of British Columbia.

At the same time, the plantings of this red wine grape variety are also done in the regions of Hungary.

Wine grape varieties

In the areas of the Czech Republic, this red wine grape variety is known as Zweigeltrebe and the same is considered as the third-most widely planted variety of red wine grape.

It comprises over 4.7 percent of the total vineyards of the region of Czech Republic. At the same time, the plantation and cultivation of this red wine grape variety are also carried out in the regions of Slovakia, Belgium and Poland.

This grape variety is also known as Rotburger and is also addressed under various other synonyms such as Zweigeltrebe, Zweigelt and Blauer.

The vines of this red wine grape variety get ripened in the mid-season. This red wine grape variety demands very little from the soil because it is considered as a very fertile grape. It demands an intensive leaf-work.

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This red wine grape variety is nothing but a result of the cross performed in between two different grape varieties namely St. Laurent and Blaufrankisch.

This cross was performed by Dr. Fritz Zweigelt in the year 1922 and because of this reason, it has Zweigelt as one of its synonyms.

This cross was performed at the Teaching and Research Centre for Viticulture and Horticulture in Klosterneuburg respectively.

This cross was performed with an aim to produce a red wine grape variety that could entertain a greater resistance to a number of vine diseases and yet have the tendency of producing higher yields.


The leaf of this grape variety is circular to pentagonal, as to its shape and it further comprises of three to five lobes. The grape cluster of this red wine grape variety is medium as to its size.

The cluster is further considered as compact and cylindrical, with round wings. This red wine grape variety shows the bluish black tint.

The vines of this grape variety grow really well on the chalky soils and they are not very much sensitive to frost or other vine diseases.

This red wine grape variety brings out the wines that are slightly violet-reddish as to its appearance that come along with soft tannins.

Characteristics of Rotburger Wine

These wines are mostly considered as full-bodied as well as long-living wines. They deliver the tones similar to morello cherry. These wines are also considered as the wines of high-quality.

Talking about the flavor of these wines, they combine with a fruity, ripe character similar to its parent, Blaufrankisch along with a round body of St. Laurent.

The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are considered as rich and soft. These wines come in subtle tannins and they entertain a pleasant level of acidity and fruity aromas.

There are flavors similar to violet, cinnamon, pepper and spices. The deep color of these wines is considered as their forte. These wines prove excellent wines for summer drinking.

 Food pairing

All the wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are best paired with the food items such as cheeses, vegetables and various other poultry dishes.


Michael Bredahl

Michael Bredahl

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  1. Didier FRANCOIS


    je suis vigneron amateur en Belgique et vais planter quelques plants de zweigelt. Vous dites qu’il y a des plantations en Belgique, voudriez vous me dires ou elles se trouvent ?

    En vous souhaitant une bonne journée.

    • Michael Bredahl

      Bonjour Didier,

      Je ne sais pas exactement où en Belgique il y a des usines de Zweigelt, mais mes recherches m’ont dit qu’il y avait, entre autres, de Wikipedia 🙂

      Une bonne journée pour toi aussi


      And just to be clear, Didier is asking if I know where Zweigelt grape vines are planted in Belgium, because I say so in the article, and my answer is that I don’t know exactly where, but under my research I found that information at Wikipedia I think.


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