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Wine with Ruby Cabernet grapes

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Ruby Cabernet is a red wine producing grape variety found in California.

It is a cross of two grapes, Carignan and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Wine with Ruby Cabernet grapes

This cross was first made in the University of California. He made the cross to bring out the supreme quality of Cabernet wine and resistance of Carignan to heat in one single variety at low rates.

This variety of grape can be found in Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Chile, Israel and USA. The vine is drought resistant. It can also tolerate high winds without any damage to the berries.

In South Africa there has been a problem of poor seed. Though resistant to heat, this grape variety is prone to powdery mildew. In California, to maximise the quality of wines, irrigation should be limited and the fruit should be exposed to sun as much as possible.

This grape variety is among those grapes that have no famous names except their original name. The wines produced have an alcohol content of about 13.5%.

Wine grape varieties

The berries of the grape are fermented at a temperature of 26-28ºC. The wine can be consumed within 2-3 years of production. The aging potential is not very high.

They are high in acidity as well as in alcohol content and is therefore cherished by a large number of audience. They fruit flavours of the grape bring out special taste to the normal table wines.

The wine must be tried. It can be purchased by any normal earning individual as the cost of the wine was not kept high from the very beginning.

Origin of Ruby Cabernet

In 1936 Dr Harold Olmo created a cross between Carignan and Cabernet Sauvignon to make a grape that is resistant to heat as well has a better quality so as to improve the quality of bulk wines produced in the region of California.

The grape experienced a great hike in the production in the years thereafter.

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It also went under production decline in the recent years due to harsh weather conditions.
It is still used by a number of regions to produce better quality of table wines.

It has managed to reach the labels of many wines, but there are still many wines, which use Ruby Cabernet in their blending and still do not mention its name on the label. The grape is gradually increasing its respect in the region so as to be recognised in the market.


The taste of wines is not very unique or prime, but it does contain the essence of fruits in its taste. Due to its natural acidity, the quality of bulk wines available in the region has increased a lot.

The grape grows well in sandy soil. The berries are small to medium size growing in compact cylindrical bunches. They are plucked and pressed carefully to take out the juice.

The primary fermentation takes place for six to seven days. Leaf canopies of the plants are managed very carefully so as to ensure the fruit receive adequate amount of sunlight to give out best flavours and aromas.

The wines made from Ruby Cabernet grape have a high acidic content. They give out flavours of fruits but there is no significant taste or aroma which can be used to differentiate this wine variety from other varieties.

For those who like wines, and are not willing to spend too much on purchasing them, this is the best deal you can get. You can purchase quality wine at very low prices.

Food Pairing

Ruby Cabernet grape wines can be taken with New-York style Margherita pizza. It can also be enjoyed with cheese pie. The acidic level of the wine is high, making it ready to be consumed with a huge variety of food items.

Peanuts and salted vegetable salad is also enjoyed by a number of wine tasters. Sushi and smoked cheese dishes also complement the flavour of the wines.

This grape variety is important in the region as the quality of table wines was not very good. The yield of the grapes used earlier was not so successful. The invention of the cross has brought about a huge change as so it must be tasted and appreciated by anyone who gets a chance to try it! You can purchase it from nearby stores or you can order it online.

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