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Scuppernong grapes

by | Aug 16, 2017

Scuppernong grapes

The Scuppernong variety of white wine has a very a special record to its credit.

It is the oldest wine that has been brewed in the country of America. The Scuppernong variety of white wine is a variety of the VitisRotundifolia.

Since the Scuppernong variety of white wine is the oldest wine grown in the Americas, it is also a well known white wine in many regions of this country as well as in certain regions outside the country.

Wine grape varieties

Although the Scuppernong variety of white wine is the oldest variety of wine brewed in the Americas, it is not considered as the most splendid or expensive variety of white wine.

There are several other contenders for that crown. The areas around the state of the North Carolina are where the production of the Scuppernong variety of white wine is predominant.

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The Scuppernong variety of white wine is famously brewed and developed in the regions around the state of North Carolina in United States of America.

This is a variety of white wine that has been brewed from a type of grape since before the 1500s.

This is the reason why it is called as one of the oldest wines in America.  Isaac Alexander, an experienced explorer and adventurer, found the grapes that make the Scuppernong variety of white wine in the process of hunting next to the banks of a famous stream that added water to the Scuppernong Lake around 1750s.

The name Scuppernong itself can be easily traced back to the precise word ascopo, which has the meaning “sweet-bay tree”.

This name of “Sweet Bay Tree” is mainly due to the fact that the grape that is used to brew the Scuppernong variety of white wine is quite sweet in taste and hence the wine itself has the property of being quite sweet.


Scuppernong variety of white wine is brewed from grapes that were originally thought of to be white in colour.

But later it was found that the grapes that are used to make the Scuppernong variety of white wine are actually light greenish or bronze in colour.

This bronze colouring is a very characteristic feature as the typical grape is usually dark green or purple in colour.

Due to this feature, it is very easy to identify the grapes that are used to brew the Scuppernong variety of white wine.

The shape of the grapes is round and they are typically a little larger than the purple or violet varieties of grape that are grown around the world since ages.

The Scuppernong variety of white wine itself is a sweet wine which has a very refreshingly cool overtone to it and is often considered to be best served when chilled.

The Scuppernong variety of white wine is often a very popular choice of wine in the summer time in the United States of America as it has cooling properties to it.

Food Pairing

Since the Scuppernong variety of white wine is a sweet wine that is made from the sweet bronze grapes, it is often well complemented by a food pairing that is slightly acidic in taste and characteristics.

The Scuppernong variety of white wine goes very well with most vegetables, especially potatoes as they are acidic in nature.

Other acidic food items that are a good pairing with the Scuppernong variety of white wine are soy foods, herbs, unsweetened yogurts and slightly seasoned yogurts.

The wine, like most other wines also goes well with several types of cheeses including cottage cheese, mozzarella etc.

Since the Scuppernong variety of white wine has a cool feel and cooling properties, it is often consumed with a wide variety of spicy foods.

This is true especially in the United States of America as this is a country that loves to add a little spice to its food.

Other spicy foods such as rice with Indian spices, oriental dishes that are cooked with tobacco are also a good combination for this type of wine.

Ordinarily, the Scuppernong variety of white wine is considered as a regular table wine and is consumed with most of the dishes on the menu at popular restaurants in America especially during summers.


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