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Smederevka grapes

by | Mar 1, 2017

Smedeverka is a famous variety of white wine grape that is grown in the regions of Smederevo in Serbia as well as Tikves wine-growing region of Macedonia.


The name of this white wine grape variety has been derived from the Smederevo city of Serbia.

The plantation and cultivation of this white wine grape variety are believed to have done during the reign of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus at the site known as Mons Aureus, that is situated on the right bank of the river Danube near Smederevo.

This grape variety is considered as a very popular variety of grape of the Balkans.

Whether this white wine grape variety is planted outside southeastern Europe or not has been under the wraps as of now.

However, the reports suggest that this grape variety is mostly planted within the regions of Europe only, specifically in the provinces of Vojvodina and Hungary.

This white wine grape variety is mostly concerned with the preparation of varietal wines. At the very same time, it is also blended with other famous varieties of grapes in the Balkans.

Welschriesling is considered as the most common blending partner of this white wine grape variety.

The vines of this grape ripen relatively late during their growing season and the berries so produced are considered to be very high in terms of their levels of natural sugars as well as acidity.

Wine grape varieties

To be more specific, these wines ripe in the beginning of October, resulting in some very high yields.

These vines are considered to be very sensitive to the low temperatures and therefore they are required to be grown in the warmer regions on the healthy, fertile as well as deep soils.

The grapes of these vines are oval as to their shape. These grapes are thin, hard and translucent and they adorn a greenish-yellow color.

The resulting wines produced out of this white wine grape varieties are neither restrained in nature nor soft.

According to a few sources, the grape variety is the same grape variety as Dimiat, a famous Bulgarian variety that is planted widely around the regions of Black Sea coast. However, the DNA profiling of both these wines in terms of their similarity is yet to be confirmed.

Apart from Welschriesling, some other popular varieties that use this white wine grape variety as an important blend include the grape varieties like Dimayat Chardonnay, TikveaDimayat, DimayarReggina Estate Vala as well as the famous Tikves Mac International Smederevka White.


This grape variety is considered to be a leading grape variety for the production of various white wines in the region of Macedonia.

The origin of this white wine grape variety comes from the region of Serbia. However, this origin is not specifically confirmed and some people still doubt it.

This grape variety is also referred to as one of the oldest grape varieties produced in the regions of Balkans and it mostly located in all those areas where the plantations of the grapevine are done at large.


Since this white wine grape variety is considered to be a late ripened, and therefore the wines produced out of it are considered to be relatively high as to their contents of acid and sugar.

Also, these wines are considered to have high levels of alcohol in them. Such wines are described as the strong wines which make a very good choice for the hardcore wine lovers.

In terms of blend, these grapes are needed to be blended with the grapes having soft acidity and alcohol so that the resulting wines produced could be more balanced.

The taste of the wines produced out of this grape variety is considered to be very acidic and therefore they are to be drunk with carbonated water or soda.

These wines come with a unique flavor and taste. This grape is mostly used for the preparation of varietal wines since all its characteristics are strong.

Food pairing

All the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety are paired best with the food items such as Dalmatian stew known as brodet, garlic bread and a number of Chinese delicacies.

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