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Taminga grapes

by | Mar 5, 2017

Taminga is considered as a famous variety of white wine grapes that hails from the region of Australia.


This grape variety is not an original variety of white wine grape. On the contrary, it was developed in the late 20th century by a famous viticulturist as well as grape breeder A.J. Anticliff.

This white wine grape variety is the result of the cross performed in between Merbein 29-56 and the famous Vitisvinifera grape variety known under the name of Traminer Rot.

Just like the famous variety of Tarrango which happens to be a famous crossing performed in between TourigaNacional and Sultana, this white wine grape variety was bred in order to maintain very high levels of acidity while they are grown in the hot vineyards of the regions of Australia.

To be more particular, this variety of white wine grape was developed by CSIRO in Australia and this development was done with a view to get a variety of grape that could lead in the production of high yields in the warmer climates.

Wine grape varieties

Thus, the resulting white berries of this white wine grape variety successfully produce high yielding wines.

The vines of this white wine grape variety are high quality sweet wines. In fact, these wines are considered as commercially accepted wines by a number of wine lovers and therefore the wine production of these white wine grape varieties is very famous and massive.

This white wine grape variety derives its name from the township of South Australia in the Clare valley.

The grapes produced out of this white vine are full of high quality characteristics as well as pleasing aromas.

Today the plantation as well as cultivation of this white wine grape variety is carried out predominantly in the regions of Murray Darling region that extends itself across the two major cities of Australia namely New South Wales and Victoria.


As already mentioned, this white wine grape variety is not an organic grape variety, but is a cross that has been performed in between the Sultana grape and Spanish Planta Pedralba.

The original pollination of this white wine grape variety was also done with the Traminer grape variety and this was performed in the year 1970 by the late Alan Antcliff as well as the variety who released it in the year 1982.

The development of this white wine grape variety owes its very origin to a large team of people who have dedicated themselves completely as to the production of this grape.

This whole team was led by a famous winemaker George Kerridge along with viticulturist Peter Clingeleffer.

Wines with Taminga grapes


Since this white wine grape variety was developed with an aim to produce the wine grapes with a high quality that could suit the warm conditions, the results favored all the desired aims of the producers.

This grape variety entertains a high titratable acidity, a low level of pH, a good color, a decent flavor as well as sufficient fields.

The yields produced by this white wine grape variety reach within the vicinity of 40 tonnes per hectare and the vines of this white wine grape variety ripen in late February to early March in the Murray Valley where it is said to be grown at large.

The berries of this grape variety are medium large as to their size. These berries grow themselves in compact bunches which are small to medium as to their size and they entertain the production of high quality botrytised sweet wines that are sold commercially in several regions of Australia.

This grape variety is also considered as an ideal variety for the purpose of blending and it straightaway aims to enhance the flavor of the wines that are more neutral.

The wines produced out of this white wine grape variety are floral in terms of their fragrance and full of the flavors of fresh citrus, characters of stone fruit as well as hints of spices and nutmegs. The sweet wines produced out of this white wine grape variety is simply divine as to its taste.

Food pairing

All the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety go well with the food items such as passion fruit pavlova, cheese platter with dried fruits as well as apple crumble with clotted cream.

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  1. me

    It’s not famous at all.

    • Michael Bredahl

      Well, you might be right, it’s more likely a unique grape varieaty 🙂

      But at Trentham Estate, Australia, it is definately famous!



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