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Tarrango grapes

by | Oct 23, 2016

Tarrango is a famous variety of red grape that is used in the production of Australian wine. This wine is one of the most preferred wines of the region.


The credit goes to the rich and flavorful taste of the grape, which when manufactured into wines creates mouthwatering tastes. This grape is not an authentic variety of grape, but has been created as a hybrid of Touringa Nacional as well as Sultana.

The Tarrango grape was developed particularly to produce a fresh and a light red wine to make it ideal for drinking and enjoying the summer season.

This grape variety has been named after a small township of Tarrango, located in the Mallee district of north-western Victoria.

Wine grape varieties

The Tarrango wine is the most ideal pick for all the vegetarians and vegans because it tastes at its best when paired with the vegetarian food.

The grape requires a warm climate to ripen. This is the reason why it is majorly grown in the vineyards of northern Victoria.

Tarrango was officially released in the year 1975 by the SCIRO industry evaluation. The breeding of this grape began back in the 1960s with a major focus of the people of producing a grapevine variety which is better suited to the hot regions as well as inland irrigated areas of Australia.

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Originally, Tarrango was bred by the scientists of CSIRO in the year 1965 by the way of crossing done between the white grape Sultana as well as the Portuguese variety of red grape called Touriga.

The original pollination was made in the year 1972 by the late Alan Antcliff. However, this wine grape is mostly known as a cross done by the Brown Brother of Milawa in Victoria.

They are considered as the notable producers of this grape in the region. This fine variety of grape was bred with a view of obtaining a variety of grape that could ripen  slowly in the hotter climate of Australia.

This breeding of the grapes to form Tarrango was highly inspired by the Beaujolais wines. The cross between Touriga and Sultana to create this grapevine introduced the new technique of carbonic maceration into the business and practices of winemaking.

This method has made this variety of grape more flavorful and complex as to its taste. Tarrango is also cultivated in a few regions that are located outside Australia.


The Tarrango variety of grapes is a high-yielding variety that takes a longer time to ripen completely. The wines produced out of this variety of grape are mostly fresher and lighter and are mainly prepared for the summer season.

These wines comprises of a fresh acidity, low tannins as well as a grapey flavor. The wines produced out of Tarrango also exhibit some red-berry flavors such as strawberry and raspberry.

These wines are great served when they a slightly chilled. Another important feature of the wines produced out of this variety of grape is that they are best drunk when these wines are young.

This is because the lack of tannins in these wines wards them off from a quick ageing. The bottling of these young wines is done within a period of two or three months.

These wines are ready to drink right after their bottling. The wines produced by Tarrango have scored pretty well as to controlled tastings. These wines have been received well on various informal occasions.

The grape Tarrango possess some specific characteristics such as high acidity, late maturity as well as a good flavor. The berries of this grape are dark cherry red in color and are larger in their shape if we compare them to other grapes.

These grapes comprise of soft and small seeds as well as a low grape juice pH. The aroma of this wine is very similar to fresh cherries and berries. A little hint of spice enhances the fragrance and makes it all the more pleasing.

Food pairing

As stated earlier, the wines produced out of Tarrango taste at their best when they are flavored with vegetables and vegan food.

Thus, if you want the Tarrango wines to be more flavorful, you must pair it with the vegetables and salads. The best food served with Tarrango are warm roast vegetable salad with feta and chili-lime risotto.


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