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Tinta Francisca grapes

by Mar 10, 20170 comments

Tinta Francisca is a red wine producing grape variety grown popularly in Portugal. The grape is sometimes confused with a popular grape Touriga Franca.

Tinta Francisca

These grape varieties have nothing in common other than the similarity in their names as the latter is sometimes known as Touriga Francesa.

Though the Tinta Francisca grape is permitted to be used in the blends of some Port wines, it is not among the officially recommended wines of the region.

It is known by few other names in some of the region, which includes Tinta de Franca, Tinta Franceza and some other names.

Wine grape varieties

The winemakers are aware of the fact that Tinta Francisca grape will always be used in blending of other wines to bring out the varied taste, but will never be known to make good quality varietals.

The grape makes wine having sweet perfumes which is liked by consumers who are interested in tasting wine, giving out strong aroma.

The grape is also being cultivated in some parts of the USA. The name of the grape can be found very often on the bottles of Portuguese wines.

The grape has been used since a long time and so its contribution is praised all over the region.

Origin of Tinta Francisca

Like most of the grape the exact origin of the Tinta Francisca grape is not known. It cannot be surely said how the grape began to be cultivated in the Portugal and where did it actually originates.

Some studies have shown some relation between Tinta Francisca grape and Pinot Noir. Few other practical experiments support this theory looking at the similarities between the circular leaves and the shape of bunches.

There is no proof for the theory though! The grape is only used in making blends still it has managed to cover some area in the USA and is said to be of use for a long period of time in wine making.

This cannot be said for all of the grapes as almost all blending varieties can be replaced by some other varieties of higher quality of taste and aroma!

Wines with Tinta Francisca grapes

Features of Tinta Francisca

Tinta Francisca grape grows in medium sized conical bunches. Berries of the Tinta Francisca grape are rich in sugar content, but the acidic content of the wines made from Tinta Francisca grape is not high.

The tannins of the grape are also not very high when compared to other wines being produced in the region.

The grape is not used to make varietals as when some of the winemakers tried to develop varietals; they were all light bodied and lacked the deep flavours which are demanded by the modern wine consumers.

Mostly the grape is known for the sweet perfume it has. Other than that, there no special or different feature in the grape which attracts the winemakers to use it for making varied wine.

There are many producers who believe that the grape is going to be used in blends for a lifetime while some of the producers believe that there are many substitutes to the grape which have a better aroma as well as taste.

Same goes for the taste some of the consumers are happy while some do not find it very satisfying.

Food Pairing

Tinta Francisca grape wines have a low acidic content and so they taste well when taken with cheese or any mild dish.

It is also consumed with potato soup. Dishes like Pad Thai are also known to be perfect for taking with Tinta Francisca grape wines, on the other hand they also complements different kinds of salads.

You do not need any strong flavours or salty dishes to cherish the taste of wines made from Tinta Francisca grapes.

Roasted red pepper with stuffed rice is a dish which is said to be the best suited according to the taste of wine. You can enjoy the wine without any dish too.

The grape is being used in the blends of a number of other wines and so the significance of the grape must not be ignored.

The wines made from the grape are available globally and can be bought online depending on the availability in the region. You must not miss the taste of wines made from this grape.

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