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Torbato grapes

by | Nov 27, 2016

If you are one passionate wine-lover or a person who entertains a great knowledge about all kinds of grapes that produce some of the most


tasteful wines of the world, you must be very much familiar with the term Torbato.

Torbato, also referred as Tourbat is a famous variety of white wine grape which owes its major plantation to the French wine region of the Cotes du Roussillon AOC. In that particular region, this wine grape is mostly termed as Malvoisie du Roussillon.

This grape variety is a Mediterranean white wine variety of grape which is presently grown exclusively in the region of northwest Sardinia. In this region, this grape is mostly termed as Torbato.

This grapevine is also planted and grown in the Aragon region of Spain. This grape is mostly known for the production of the wines that are smoky as their taste.

The plantation of this grape variety once came into extinction in the 20th century and during this time Sardinia was the only significant region where the plantation of this grape variety was found in larger portions.

Even in that particular region, the variety of this white wine grape was slowly meeting a dead end until one producer Sella and Mosca started to take this extinction seriously.

Together they started focusing on this variety and later propagating the healthier cuttings of this grape variety. Their hard work of the plantation of this grape variety also led to a little resurgence of interest in other regions; most notably the Roussillon region somewhere in the 1980s, when the new cuttings of the vines of this grape were imported to this region of Sardinia.

Even after a number of efforts of the wine enthusiasts, the variety of grape is still not planted in bulk. This grape produces various sparkling varieties of wines today that are very famous globally as well as locally.

Wine grape varieties

The wines produced out of this grape variety are good at structure. Today, this grape variety is found in abundance in Sardinia where it is mainly grown around the Alghero region in the Sassari province in the very northwest of the island.

In the region of France, this grape vine is mostly planted in the Appellation d’Origine Controlee AOC region of Cotes du Roussillon where this plant variety is mainly referred as Malvoisie.

This clearly states that this grape variety entertains a number of names that vary from one region to another. The synonyms of Torbato include Caninu, Canina, Bianca, Cuscosedda, Malvoisie des Pyrenees, Malvoisie du Roussillon, Tourbat, Torbat, Razola, TrubatIberica, Turbau and many others.


The origin of Torbato has always been a matter of dispute among the people. According to some experts, this grape variety marks its arrival and origin from Greece while others suggest that this grape variety has been introduced by the Aragonese from Spain.

To some people, the origin of Torbato comes from Sardinia. Thus, the exact origin of this grape variety is still not known. Various wine historians as well as ampelographers consider that this grape variety entertains similar origin to that of Grenache and therefore it is most likely to be a Spanish grape variety. Though this variety of grape is slowly coming to extinction, yet the wines produced out of it are admired by the people at large.


All the wines produced out of Torbato are good in structure and therefore are very tasteful whenever we talk about their flavors. These wines are crisp and dry that comes in a small proportion of barrel maturation which further adds richness to the taste of these wines.

Also, the wines produced out of this variety of white wine grape are very flinty and mineral as to their flavors. Some of them are smoky and this is the reason why these wines are admired by a majority of wine lovers.

Torbato is a grape variety that comes in very huge clusters. This causes the stem of the wines to bend under their gigantic weight and therefore the fruit falls so early from their parent vine.

The vineyard of this grape variety demands a good level of care and a high level of maintenance.

Food pairing

All the wines produced out of Torbato taste their best when they are paired with bread along with mushrooms and pecorino cheese, smoked trout terrine as well as herb salad.

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Michael Bredahl

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