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Trajadura grapes

by | Mar 15, 2017

Trajadura is referred to a famous white wine grape variety of Portugal that is concerned with the production of some of the most tasteful and flavorsome white wines loved by all the wine lovers.


This white wine grape variety primarily hails from the regions of Portugal and is mainly grown and cultivated in the Vinho Verde wine region located in the northeast Portugal.

At the same time, the plantation and cultivation of this white wine grape variety are also carried out in the Galician wine regions of Rias Baixas as well as Ribeiro in Spain.

In this particular region, this white wine grape variety is known as Treixadura. Considered as one of the key grape varieties of the region of Portugal, Trajadura is mostly combined with the grapes of Loureiro, Arinto as well as Alarinho and together they produce the wines that are rich in terms of both its properties as well as flavors.

Wine grape varieties

This grape is also used as a blending grape variety in a majority, which further helps in adding body and light lemony aromas to the wines so produced.

In the regions of Portugal, this white wine grape variety is mainly found in the Minho wines of Vinho Verde that entertains around 58,000 hectares of the total DOC plantings located near the Spanish border as well as another 12,000 hectares outside such DOC boundaries.

This white wine grape variety is also grown and cultivated in the regions of Spain, where it is most commonly blended with a number of other grapes in order to add texture and flavors to the wines so produced.

In the Galician wines, this white wine grape variety is blended with Cainoblanco, Torrontes, Lourreira, Albarino as well as Torrotes.

In the regions of Ribeiro, this white wine grape variety is mostly blended with the varieties of Albarino, Albilla, Palomino, Macabeo, Godello as well as Torrontes.

Thus, this white wine grape variety is majorly used as a blend and it further makes the blended wines all the more flavorful and textured.

Apart from this, this white wine grape variety is also being used in order to prepare all the high-quality wines on its own too.

This white wine grape variety is known under a number of synonyms such as Tragadura, Teixadurablanca, Treixadurablanca, Trincadente, Trinca dente, Verdello Rubio as well as Trincadeira.


This white wine grape variety is believed to be originated in the regions of Portugal. However, some people claim that this white wine grape variety has been originated from the regions of Spain.

To conclude it all, a majority of reports claim that this white wine grape variety hails from Portugal, although today this grape variety is mostly planted in the regions of Spain where it is addressed as Treixadura.


This white wine grape variety is considered to be a vigorous variety of grape that produces compact bunches of grapes.

These grapes must be picked very quickly so that they could retain the delicate levels of acidity present in them.

This grape variety is considered as a very aromatic grape variety in the yields of which are considered to be very generous in nature.

Bunches of this grape variety are yellowish-green as to its appearance. They are tightly packed and medium as to their size.

When this white wine grape variety is vinified as a monovarietal, it produces the wines that are considered to be very pleasing, having a distinct character.

These wines comprise of aroma and flavors similar to peach and other tree fruits like apples. There are notes of citrus, lemon and organs present in them.

These wines are considered to be high in their level of acidity and therefore it is used as a blend with other grape varieties with a low acidity level.

This grape variety comprises of a plush character and the overall wines produced out of it are considered decent in terms of its taste and properties.

Food pairing

All the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety are paired their best with the food items such as clams in paprika-spiced tomato sauce, red peppers stuffed with ample cheese as well as herb salad.


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