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Traminer grapes

by | Oct 25, 2016

Whenever we talk about the ancient European varieties of grape, Traminer is always mentioned. Traminer could be used to refer various ancient European grape varieties.

This name was used to give a description to the Germanic family of the variants of Traminer. Traminer is therefore not just a single variety of grapevine, but a whole family of wine grapes that is used to produce some flavorful wines of the world. Also known as Gewurztraminer, the history of this grape is long and complicated.

Each of the regions growing this grapevine addresses it by one name or the other. All the grapes produced under this family are very much prone to mutation. Being a big family, this variety of grapes is grown all over Europe in different regions.

Some of the most popular varieties of grapes such as Merlot, Chenin Blanc as well as Cabernet Sauvignon are considered as the descendants of the early varieties of Traminer.

Wine grape varieties

The whole Traminer family is mutable and tasteful. This grape variety is mostly known for its spicy and succulent attributes. The wines made from this grape family are not too white, but a little golden in appearance.

These grapes are very soft and smooth and therefore they are used in the preparation of some of the richest wines. This variety of grape family also claims its parentage to various popular offspring such as Sylvaner, Pinots as well as Gruner Veltliner.

The wines prepared out of Traminer are considered as one of the most sought after white wines that are full of flavor as well as rich aroma. Since Traminer is grown all over Europe and other parts of the world, it is addressed by many other names such as RybolaBila, Bon Blanc, Forment, Gentil Blanc, Fronenteau, Savagnin, Auvernat as well as RyvolaBila.


Traminer family is considered as one of the oldest families that grow and produce some of the most flavorful grapevines of the world.

If we go back to the origin of this family, we find that the history of this variety of grape is a little complicated.

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It is not aided by its unstable genome. The origin of this whole family of grapes begins with the oldest variety of Traminer that appears to be a green-skinned grape.

It takes its name from a small village called Tramin which is situated in the South Tyrol. The grapes of this family have been considered to be derived from this town only. However, this fact has been strongly refuted by a number of authorities of ampelography.

According to the researches made on this variety, Traminer were grown around the region of Tramin in between the 11th and 16th centuries. It has been 500 years now since the inception of this grape variety.

The presence of Traminer has been documented towards the end of the middle Ages. However, there is no such major evidence that supports this research.

All the members of the Traminer family are proven so genetically unstable that it becomes impossible to track their past or ancestry with full assurance. However, the fact that this grape variety is 500 years old remains untainted.


Different varieties of grapes of the Traminer family comprise of different features and characteristics. These grapes display some minute differences in terms of their structure and upbringing, which completely depends on the regions where these grapes take birth in.

The wine produced out of the whole Traminer family is considered as one of the most flavorful wines and is admired by all the wine-lovers. These wines are white wines that embrace a little golden-yellow color.

The wines produced out of these grapes are bodied entirely and are very aromatic whenever it comes to their fragrance. Not only this, some of the Traminer wines are very pungent to the nose.

They spread the aromas of hints of roses, lychee as well as dry cloves. The wines produced out of Gewurztraminer are considered as the most aromatic and flavorful wines of the world.

The wines produced by the grape family of Traminer differ in terms of their characteristics and taste as they are prepared out of different grapevines of the same family. The wines produced out of Traminer are best served in a lightly chilled form, for about 11-13 degree Celsius.


All the Traminer wines taste the best when they are served with the Asian food. These wines are also considered as the brilliant dessert wines.


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Michael Bredahl

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