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Wines with Vaccarése grapes

by | Mar 31, 2017

One of the most renowned vines in the world is the Vaccaresse variety. The Vacaresse provides the elegant and beautiful to the red wines that exhibits opulence.


The reds using Vaccarése grapes are among others the famous Châteauneuf du Pape appellation and the Côtes du Rhône Villages AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) appellation.

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Characteristics of Vaccarése vine variety

The Vaccarése grape variety is also at times referred to as Camarèse or Brun Argenté which essentially means “silvery brown”.

There are several other names that have crept in for the same over the years. The Vaccarése red wine is made from grapes whose clusters are of medium in size or at times medium-large in size but never too small or too big when compared to an average grape, cylindrical in shape and compact.

The berries, too, are of medium size. The grapes are perfectly round, at times a few imperfections do come in but it never deviates from the round shape too much.

There have been claims of genetically moulded grapes of this variety whose shape is more oval than round, but there is no concrete proof for the same type of grapes.

The Grapes from which the Vaccarése red wine is made typically exudes a black colour which is even in tone.

Rarely do you see this type of the grape showing blends of reds or streaks of purples in them. The saying blacker the berry, sweeter the juice goes well in this case.

It is considered that the blacker the grapes, the better the taste of the wine when it is finally blended.

Food Pairing with Vaccarése wines

Since the Vaccarése variety of red wine is moderately acidic, it goes well with foods that are not too acidic.

For example, the Vaccarése wines would be a good complement to something like a Grenache, which is not very acidic but rather a little sweet.

Other food items that the Vaccarése goes well with are non acidic lasagne that is filled with cheese.

Since wine is always a good mix with cheese, even in the case of the Vaccarése variety of red wine, it is a good choice.

Goat cheese is especially preferred as a table appetizer when the table wine is Vaccarése.

Although Goat Cheese is preferred with several white wines in certain parts of southern Italy, in northern Spain it is widely used with the Vaccarése variety of red wine.

The Vaccarése variety of red wine is also typically served along with certain desserts such as tarts.

This is especially true for non-lemon tarts, which are not highly acidic. Tarts such as chocolate tarts and strawberry tarts are a good complement to the Vaccarése variety of red wine.

Lemon tarts are usually not preferred to be served with the Vaccarése variety of red wine mainly because of the acidic-acidic combination which is not preferred by many, but is an acquired taste for some connoisseurs.


Michael Bredahl

Michael Bredahl

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Wines with Vaccarése grapes

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