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Valentino Nero grapes

by Apr 11, 20170 comments

The Valentino Nero is a splendid and iridescent red Italian wine grape variety.

Valentino Nero

The Valentino Nero is made from grapes that are harnessed and nurtured in the Piedmont wine region of northwest Italy (a region that is known for its involvement in the development of wine since hundreds of years) but was initially first developed at the Coneglieno research offices in the region of Veneto, a wine research centre that has done excellent work in the field and helped in the development of several varieties of Italian wines.

In the years around 1940, the creator of the Valentino Nero, Giovanni Dalmasso, released the secrets behind the grape that produced the Valentino Nero saying that the grape was a mixture or crossing of two Vitis vinifera Piedmonteese grape varieties, Nebbiolo and the famous Dolcetto.

Wine grape varieties

But there have been several counterclaims to the same statement as Deoxyribonucleic acid profiling in the late 2000s showed that the northern French wine grape, Dolcetto and the ever present Chatus was the parent vines which were responsible for the production of this beautiful red wine called as Valentino Nero.


The red wine, Valentino Nero was first developed by Italian grape expert breeder and wine connoisseur Giovanni Dalmasso at the Conegliano official center of research in the region of Veneto around the 1930s, although there are claims of other origin, this is the most widely accepted one.

The grape was ratified or approved in an official sense by the respective ministry in Italy for the use in Italian wine production and consumption in 1977.

At the same time, the Valentino Nero was also placed as safe for consumption by the Food and Health ministry in Italy.

In the onset of the 21st century, Deoxyribonucleic acid analysis (a method used to find the origins and characteristics of wines) proved the world that the “Nebbiolo”, which was used to parent the Valentino wasn’t the world famous Nebbiolo grape of the western Barolo region, but it was a relatively less know and fairly unimportant French grape fruit from the region of Ardèche, which is known for several other wines.

On the other hand, Dolcetto was confirmed as a true parent variety for the Valentino Nero red wine.

The Dolcetto parent variety is also a parent for several other varieties of red wine from the same and surrounding areas as that of the Valentino Nero red wine.


The Valentino Nero type of red wine is produced from the Dolcetto parent variety which is considered as one of the deepest purple coloured varieties of grapes available in the current market for wine producers.

The grape is often confused as being almost black due to the deep and strong purple colour that is present.

The grapes also come with a thicker than usual stems which are a deep green. The thicker than usual stems are known to draw more water and hold more water, which is why the grape is often, considered to be as one of the juiciest grapes available in the current market for wine producers and consumers alike.

The Valentino Nero is a red wine. But it is a little different from the typical red wines, mainly due to its deep red character.

Many of the red wines that you find more commonly are pale in comparison to the deep red characteristic colour of the Valentino Nero variety.

This deep red colour mainly originates from the Dolcetto parent variety that has its own deep characteristic colours.

Food Pairing

The Valentino Nero type of red wine goes well typically with foods which have a good amount of fatty elements.

Food items such as vegetarian lasagne which has an abundance of cheese would be a good palate combination with the Valentino Nero.

That being said, there are several wine connoisseurs who find the combination of the Valentino Nero with non fatty foods such as breads and salads also refreshing.

This is more of a personal choice and the good thing about the Valentino Nero type of red wine is that it is a very versatile red wine.

This is mainly because of the variety of food types consumed in the area of Italy, where it is typically brewed, as they use the Valentino Nero with several types of table foods.

The Valentino Nero is also considered to be a good pairing in romantic dinners, mainly because of its characteristic deep red colour which is often considered as a symbol of true love.

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