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Wine with Verdeca grapes

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Verdeca is a rare variety of white wine hailing from the southern and south eastern parts of Italy.

It is exclusively available in the Bari and Taranto provinces in the central and northern regions of Puglia, which is famed for the many wines that come from the region.

Wine with Verdeca grapes

These grapes are grown primarily in the Colli Piacentini province (well known for its wine culture) of Emilia-Romagna situated in the Central part of Italy.

The wines here can be herbal as well as neutral, with both being equally predominant. They are also found in beautiful and utterly elegant aromatic versions with a mixture of other acidic citrus flavours.

Wine grape varieties

Verdeca can be easily confused with another rare type of white wine called Verdea, originating from Tuscany.

The confusion arises from the similar naming convention and several traits that are similar between Verdeca and Verdea. But the similarities end there with several other aspects being extremely dissimilar.


Verdeca used to be predominantly produced by the Vermouth production (which gradually declined and almost became nothing at the time of the end of the 20th century).

Different parts of Puglia use Verdeca in many varietals and blended wines, but all of these are predominantly white wines.

The most famous among all of these white wines are the Locorotondo and Martina Franca wines from the Salento peninsular region that use Bianco d’Alessano to blend with Verdeca.

Campanis, in the northern and north eastern part of Italy use Verdeca with the Lacryma Christi (appears as the tears of the holy Christ) that originate in the slopes of the Mount Vesuvius, which is famous for the ash clouds it generated back in 87AD, which affected cities such as Pompeii.

These are enough evidence to prove that the origin of Verdeca (similar to many other famous and sought after Italian grapes) has been in the east, near the Mediterranean (either in Greece or Coatia).

Verdeca has been suggested to be the same grape species as that of Lagorthi by the famous ampelographer Jose Vouillamoz.

There are many names that are used to refer Verdeca which include Uva Marana, Vino Verde, San Gennaro, Verdicchio, Carossela, Albese Bianco and many more.


The reports of Vouillamoz about white wine Grapes which was researched personally mentioned that the grapes of Verdeca are identical to Lagorthi (a variety of Greek grape), which are found in the Ionian Islands and the Peloponnese.

The Verdeca white wine grape variety is known to have a higher level of acidity compared to something like a Uva Rara.

This kind of higher acidity means that the Verdeca variety of white wine goes well with sweeter dishes and pastries.

The Verdeca white wine grape variety is famous for having a “flinty” note to them. Since they are grown in the extremely warm regions of southern Italy, they are known to possess higher quantities of acidic components and have a very distinctive, yet not rare green and vegetal tones.

These green and vegetal tones are a stark contrast to the violet streaked tones of a wine such as the Uva Rara.

The size of the grapes that produce the Verdeca variety of white wines are the typical rounded grapes with the stems at the top, but it is popular belief that a more oval and ripened grape produces a much better Verdeca wine.

Because of the more than usual warm conditions in the areas of southern Italy, the grapes that are cultivated for the production of the Verdeca type of white wine are known to ripen a lot faster than the grapes that are from more northern parts of Italy where the temperatures are a lot cooler than the southern areas of the same country.

These conditions are believed to play a massive role in the development of the Verdeca white wine.

Food Pairing

Verdeca is best paired with baked pastries. Croissant, commonly consumed in France and many parts of the country for breakfast, is one of the famous baked pastries that go well with white wine, especially Verdeca.

Its variations are called pain au chocolat and Pain aux raisins. Croissants stuffed with onions serve as the best pair with Verdeca.

Anything having lemon or an acidic taste to it can enhance the experience of the wine.

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