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Verdesse grapes

by | Nov 15, 2016

Verdesse is a famous white wine grape variety from France. This grape is primarily grown in the Bugey AOC of the eastern France.


This variety of white wine grape is considered as one ancient variety. This grape thrives in the slopes of clay and limestone. The level of tolerance of this white wine grape is higher to botrytis.

However, this wine could be very susceptible to powdery as well as downy mildew. The grapes of Verdesse are believed to form a small to medium group that take a conical shape with a compact as well as side-wing cluster.

The berries of this grape are likely to vary from greenish white to a golden yellow color. They are even likely to take an amber shade when they are sun burnt and fully ripened. The skin of the berries of this grape is very thick.

Verdesse produces a number of tasteful wines that are full-bodied, alcoholic and highly aromatic. The aromas of all the wines prepared out of Verdesse are not musky.

This grapevine is used to prepare various varieties of tasteful wines. Thus, it is referred by a number of names that vary from place to place.

The different names of Verdesse include Bian we. Blanchette, Bian vert, Clairette precoce, Clairette de Chindrieux, Verdesse Muscade, Etraire Blanche, Verdea, Verdeze musque and many more.

Wine grape varieties

Today, this variety of grapevine has become very limited and is almost found only in the areas that are covered by the Savoie as well as Bugey. The wines of Verdesse fall under the lower VDP classifications.

This grapevine is only permitted as a minor blending ingredient in sparkling as well as still wines that are made under the Savoie Abymes AOC. The maximum allowance of this grape into these wines is 10 percent.


Verdesse is said to have an ancient origin and is considered to be one of the oldest varieties of white wine grapes. A majority of ampelographers in accordance to their research believe that this variety of wine is very old and has been originated along the Gresivaudan and Drac Valleys in Iser, France.

In the 20th century, an ampelographer namely Louis Levadoux categorized this grapevine as a member of the Pelosien eco-geogroup along with Beclan Dureza, Durif Jackquere, Mondeuse blanche, Joubertin, Sercanin as well as Peloursin.

Decades later, another ampelographer Linda Bisson confirmed the same categorization of Verdesse.


The vines of Verdesse produce a small to medium-sized grape bunches that are very conical as to their shape.

The berries of this grape are full of natural juices and are small to medium as to their size.

These berries are supposed to have a good level of resistance to botrytis.

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The variety of this white wine grape is grown best in the mountainous regions. This is the reason why the viniculture of Verdesse is found abundantly in the areas of Savoie.

Verdesse produces a number of wines and is also used as a blend in various still and sparkling wines. The wines prepared out of Verdesse are considered as very high as to their quality.

The hardcore wine lovers often look forward to sipping on the white wines made out of this grape variety since the high level of alcohol that Verdesse add in the wines give them a very tasteful flavor.

Characteristics of Verdesse Wines

All the wines produced out of this variety of white wine grape are very vibrant and highly aromatic. These wines remind you of the aromas of various lifted green as well as floral notes. Verdesse is considered to be having various attractive features and qualities.

It is tasteful, aromatic, flavorsome and very alcoholic. Despite of entertaining such superior and amazing qualities, Verdesse is still used as a grape that is blended with other varieties to produce various wines.

Thus, Verdesse is not allowed to exhibit its individual qualities and shine alone. All the common blending partners of this white wine grape are Aligote, Altesse, Chardonnay, Jacquere as well as Marsanne.

Food pairing

All the wines prepared out of this variety of white wine grape go well with Haricots verts Lyonnaise which is nothing but a combination of French green beans with thyme, garlic as well as red-wine vinegar, smoke-roasted stuffed bell pepper with basil and parsley, and raclette cheese with potatoes and gherkins.

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