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Vernaccia grapes

by | Oct 25, 2016

Vernaccia is a famous white wine grape which is mainly found in a variety of Italian wines.


This wine grape is mostly associated with the Tucan wine called Vernaccia di San Gimignano. Basically, this grapevine is a slighting form of Vernaculo, an Italian word which means indigenous or common.

Thus, as the name suggests, Vernaccia is used as the most common grape variety in the preparation of numerous wines. According to various ampelographers, this variety of grape consists of various clonal kinds.

This grapevine is used in a number of wine regions all around Italy in order to refer to a number of completely unrelated varieties of grapes.

This grape variety can also refer to any local grape grown in Italy. Various kinds of famous wines like Vernaccia di San Gimignano as well as Vernaccia di Oristano are created using Vernaccia.

Wine grape varieties

The very popular Vernaccia di San Gimignano is a wine which is mostly intended for drinking it young. This wine tastes at the best when it is consumed within two years of its harvest.

This variety of grape wine also produces a crisp white wine that comes with a good level of acidity as well as citrus fruit. This grape is also sometimes blended with Trebbiano and is also noticed as a varietal wine in some of the cases.

Vernaccia produces a number of wines and therefore can be considered as a common grape that is used in the preparation of a variety of wines. This grape is often blended with other different varieties of grapes to produce some flavorsome wines that are admired by a number of wine-lovers.

Vernaccia is one of the most common as well as popular wines of the region of Italy. It is also addressed by various different names such as Guarnacia, Vernazza, Granazza, Bergamasca and many more.


Vernaccia wine grape is a variety of grape that is considered to have one of the oldest origins in the world.

The grapevine has been mentioned in the early 1276 in the records furnished by San Gimignano.

The origin of this name has been made from the word Vernaculum which means of the concerned place.

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Interestingly, this name also marks the etymological root of the famous English world vernacular. There are a number of varieties of grapevines that are known as Vernaccia because of their local origin in their regions.

Apart from the local Vernaccia, there are also Vernaccias like Sardinia as well as Marche which find their origin in other parts of the world apart from Italy.

One famous variety of wine, Vernaccia di San Gimignano produced out of these vines entertains a very ancient origin. It was believed to be the fittest variety of wine for Pope Martin IV, the king of the region.

Of all the Vernaccias, the Tuscan variety is considered to be the most ancient variety. However, numerous ampelographers disagree to this fact, as the origin of this variety is still oblivious to them.


Most of the Vernaccias possess a light-skinned appearance. The wines produced by this grape variety are light and flavorsome. At the same time, there are other varieties of Vernaccias which are dark in terms of their appearance because of which they have been grouped under the generic title of Vernaccia Nera.

The most popular red wine which is produced out of this variety of wine grapes is taken into its use of Vernaccia di Serrapetrona which is also referred as a DOC of the central Marche.

This variety of wine grape is pale straw-yellow in color and it tends to turn golden as it starts maturing. The fragrance of the wines produced as a result of this grape is fruity, floral as well as persistent in nature.

These wines give you a very harmonic and dry flavor which interestingly becomes bitter after its taste. The minimum total acidity of the wine produced out of Vernaccia is 5 g/l as well as the minimum net dry extract of this grapevine is 15 g/l.

The wines produced out of Vernaccia are rich and flavorful as their tastes and are mostly admired by all the wine-lovers.


The wines produced out of Vernaccia are best served with sweet potato fritters, Baba ghanoush as well as pasta with cauliflower and black olives.

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