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Voskehat grapes

by | Apr 21, 2017

The Voskehat variety of white wine is one of those blends of white that is considered to be exquisite in taste and even more exquisite in the texture of its formation.


These splendid features and desired qualities of the Voskehat variety of white wine have given it a special name in the wine business.

Wine grape varieties

This appellation given to the Voskehat variety of white wine is “The Queen of Armenian Grapes”, which basically means that it is considered one of the most exquisite among all the Armenian grape varieties that are currently being grown in the fertile soils of Armenia.


Voskehat literally translates to “Golden Seed” in the old Armenian language. In certain other dialects of the old Armenian language, the Voskehat variety of white wine is called by different names.

But globally, the wine connoisseurs just call it the “Voskehat”. As you can tell by the literal translation of the name of the wine, it is considered to be a really exquisite wine in these parts of the world.

The Voskehat variety of white wine is grown and brewed in the hilly regions around the lake Sevan, which is present in the country of Armenia.

The Voskehat variety of white wine is also grown and harnessed in the central areas of Armenia, which are less hilly and more like a plateau.

Although there are several differences between the Voskehat brewed and developed in the different parts of Armenia, essentially they are all the same. There is not too much difference between these to make clear distinctions.


The Voskehat variety of white wine is considered by the local people of Armenia to be the most aromatic of the white wines which are available in this area.

The aroma is often compared to the sweet smelling flowers which bloom in the vast country sides of the Armenian lands, although these flowers are not in any way involved in the growth of the grape or the creation and brewing of the Voskehat wine.

But it is plausible that when the grapes are grown in such an environment, the aroma of the surroundings would have brushed on to the grapes being grown in the region.

Since the wine itself is quite aromatic, the grapes are also often considered to be quite sweet, but this does not mean that the wine is low on acidic characters, the wine has a moderate balance of acidic qualities as well.

The grape that produces the Voskehat variety of white wine is a little pale in color when compared to the deeper purples of other wine varieties.

This lighter shade of purple is compensated by the increased aroma. The shape of the grape is quite normal, which means it is the usual rounded grapes with the dark green stems.

The Voskehat variety of white wine has the typical sparkle that several of the white wines possess.

Food Pairing

Since the Voskehat variety of white wine is originated and predominantly brewed in the country of Armenia, the wine is typically served with Armenian delicacies.

The Voskehat goes very well with pickled vegetables as the acidity levels match perfectly. The sweet aroma of the Voskehat is very well complemented with the acidic nature of pickled vegetables.

Among pickled vegetables, pickled cabbage is often a regular table dish when serving Voskehat variety of white wine.

Apart from pickled vegetables, several other staples of the Armenian people are also a good pairing with the Voskehat variety of white wine.

These staples are dishes which are based on bread and potato. The simplest of food pairings with the Voskehat variety of white wine is the humble mashed potato with corn.

But the food pairings also get very intricate with more complex dishes made which are based on both potatoes as well as bread.

The Armenian people have traditionally served wine with slices of bread since hundreds of years and this practice has continued till date.

Apart from these dishes, the other dishes that complement the Voskehat variety of white wine are those dishes whose aromas blend with the aromas of the Voskehat white wine.

But care must be taken that the dishes do not have a very flowery aroma as this would not be a very good complement with the Voskehat variety of white wine.


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