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Weisser Gutedel grapes

by | May 1, 2017

Weisser Gutedel is often mistaken to be an inherent German wine, but it is actually just the German name for a French old grapes wine called as the Chasselas.

Weisser Gutedel

The Weisser Gutedel is not just grown and brewed in France and Germany, but it is grown and developed in a lot of European countries such as Switzerland, Hungary and Portugal too.

This makes the Weisser Gutedel variety of white wine a truly European and widespread white wine.

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The Weisser Gutedel is grown in several countries in the European continent. These countries include Germany, France, Hungary, Switzerland, Portugal etc.

The Weisser Gutedel name is predominant in the German areas and as is obvious from the name, it has a German meaning.

In the early years of the 1940’s, during the peak period of the World War 2 in which Germany was playing a big part, the French Chasselas was crossed with the Silvaner variety of grapes to obtain and grow the Weisser Gutedel variety of grapes.

Therefore, the Weisser Gutedel variety of white wine has deep roots in the World War 2 and a rich history to go with it.

Not a lot wines can boast of such a rich history from a not so halcyon period in human history.

Post the World War 2, when Europe was getting back on its feet in terms of the economy and health, people were more able to afford this white wine and hence its popularity grew extremely quickly.

Even the middle class was consuming the Weisser Gutedel variety of white wine around this peaceful time.

Although the Weisser Gutedel varieties of grapes were bred from the crossing of Chasselas and Silvaner, it is often countered with the argument that the origin of this splendid white wine lies in the Swiss lands. This claim is in contention and there are many people supporting this theory.


The Weisser Gutedel variety of white wine is made from two different varieties of the Weisser Gutedel grapes.

The first of the varieties of the Weisser Gutedel grapes has a red skinned overtone to its appearance. This is a very unique type of grape.

This light red toning of the skin of the grapes is often thought to be a genetic trait where the dark violet and purples have faded over years of adjusting to the climates around the region.

The second variety is a Weisser Gutedel grape that is light green in colour and has the appearance that is starkly contrasted from the appearance of the other variety of the Weisser Gutedel grape.

It is often considered strange that two grapes that are so different in appearance produce similar tasting white wine.

A true wine connoisseur might be able to tell the difference between the wine brewed using the light green grape and the red skinned grape.

The Weisser Gutedel variety of white wine is a sparkling white wine just like most of the good quality white wines and has a very typical taste to it with parts of acidity as well as sweetness trying to overshadow each other.

The stems are also characteristically a lighter shade of green than the grapes which are grown in other areas of Europe such as Italy and Spain. This might be due to the colder weather in the German areas.

Food Pairing

The Weisser Gutedel variety of white wine has a partner in crime when it comes to the perfect food pairing.

This food pairing is with the traditional European Fondue. The traditional fondue is nothing more than a pot of cheese brought to boil over a steady and hot wooden flame.

This simple combination is like a common table pairing in many households in the areas where the Weisser Gutedel variety of white wine is brewed.

The traditional fondue is often altered with spices and sweeteners based on what taste is preferred by the maker. Even these altered dishes are a good combination with the Weisser Gutedel variety of white wine.

A third food item is also often seen accompanying the Weisser Gutedel variety of white wine and fondue. This third food item is Garlic bread, which is a staple in many parts of Germany, France and Switzerland.


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