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Zengő grapes

by | May 27, 2017

Zengő is a beautiful and sparkling white wine that is usually grown and brewed in the Hungarian lands and its surrounding areas.

The Zengő variety of white wine is a full bodied Hungarian wine that is of the highest quality when the berries and the wine preparation process is handled in the right way.

Wine grape varieties


The Zengő variety of white wine is brewed from the grapes grown and nurtured in the vast plains of Hungary, which is nestled between Slovakia and Czech Republic.

The Zengő variety of white wine is a cross between the Bouvier and the Ezerjo varieties.

Therefore, the Bouvier and the Ezerjo varieties can be termed as the parent varieties for the Zengő variety of white wine.

The plane lands of the Hungarian plateau provide a very good flat area for the growth of the grapes that are turned into the Zengő variety of white wine.

There are claims that the wine has its historic roots in the countries of Slovakia and the Czech Republic as the borders were not very well defined between Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary prior to the wars of World War 1 and World War 2.

This is often thought of as true mainly because the people are free to roam in these Schengen regions without and visa requirements, so a lot of cross pollination of ideas, tools, food items, machinery as well as the wine production techniques have also been spread across the borders.

So, in the present day, it can be seen that the Zengő variety of white wine is brewed in several different regions around the Hungarian lands.


The Zengő variety of white wine is brewed from a very characteristic grape in the Hungarian region.

The grapes are often characterised by the early budding property. This basically means that the grapes that produce the Zengő variety of white wine bud very early in the season as compared to the other types of grapes grown in this region.

Although the grapes that make this beautiful white wine buds very early, it is characterised by early to mid-timed ripening.

This means that even though the grape bud very early, they ripen at a slower rate.

The size of the berries is almost a perfect round, which is similar to many other varieties of berries grown in this region.

Abnormalities stretch to a more oval shape. The berries have a thicker skin than the normal grape berries which is mainly because of the colder weather as well for the need of retaining more water due to the colder and drier weather.

The rainfall here is not as much as you would find in the more tropical regions of the world, hence it is a genetic trait that is developed into the grape to have a thicker skin so that it can retain more water than normal.

This also makes the berries a lot juicier than normal varieties and hence it also helps create a much better tasting wine.

The Zengő variety of white wine is built to suit the hardy and colder weather of the Hungarian lands.

The perfect kind of soil for the growth of the berries that produce the Zengő variety of white wine is the volcanic soil as it has a lot of nutrients in the right amount for the growth of this kind of berries.

Food Pairing

The Zengő variety of white wine is mildly acidic and sweetish wine, this is mainly because of the juicy white berries that are the main product for the brewing of this type of wine.

Since the Zengő variety of white wine is a sweetish wine, it goes well with certain more acidic varieties of food.

These foods can be acidic pastas. Red pastas are usually found to be more acidic and hence such food varieties would be a good match with the Zengő variety of white wine.

Since the Zengő variety of white wine has a mild acidic overtone to it, it is also a good match with certain types of sweeter cheese and fondue.

But care should be taken so that the food pairing is not too sweet or too acidic, so that none of the major tastes overpower the palate.


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Michael Bredahl

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