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Zlahtina grapes

by | Jun 23, 2017

The Zlahtina variety of white wine is grown from a grape called as the Zlahtina and it is grown exclusively in the island called as Krk.

The Zlahtina variety of white wine has a rich history which is originated in the country of Croatia.

This particular wine has been cited in several books and manuscripts written in the 20th century.

The Zlahtina grape was originally only used for eating and feeding some of the domesticated animals, but soon its good properties were discovered and it was found that these properties were very good for making wine, especially white wine.

Wine grape varieties

Thus the Zlahtina variety of white wine came into being in the country of Croatia. The Zlahtina is the most planted and grown variety of grape in the Island of Krk by a large margin.

Most of the other grapes planted in this island are in areas that are insignificant compared to the areas in which the Zlahtina variety of grape is being grown.

This goes to show the importance of the Zlahtina variety of grape for the people of the island both in terms of consumption as well as in terms of business.

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The Zlahtina variety of white wine was originally from the country of Croatia, especially the northern part of the country of Croatia.

But now, it is solely produced in the island of Krk. It has become the most extensively cultivated grape in this region due to its usefulness.

The Croatian coastal regions are very famous for the growth of this kind of grape and the production of the Zlahtina variety of white wine.

This is mainly due to the weather conditions in the coastal belt of Croatia. Croatia at times faces very harsh winters with even sub zero temperatures being recorded.

But at the coastal areas, the temperatures are slightly better due to the wind circulation and sea current effect.

This means that the coastal areas are a much better environment for the growth of this kind of grapes.


The Zlahtina variety of white wine is made from violet berries. These berries are very juicy in nature and result in the formation of a very high quality of white wine.

The juicy nature of berries also results in the grapes themselves being very round and tight at the skin.

The stems that hold these heavier juicy berries are also a bit sturdier than the typical grape varieties.

The skin of the grapes are thicker than usual grapes found in other parts of the world mainly due to the fact that they have genetically evolved that way so that they can withstand the harsh winters of the nation of Croatia.

Because of the juicy characteristic of the berries, the wine made from the grapes is a popular choice as a table wine in this part of the world.

It is even exported to other parts of Europe, Asia and the Americas. The Zlahtina variety of white wine comes in two types of production varieties.

They are of both sparkling and still types of white wine. This is something peculiar as usually the wines are either produced as sparkling or as still.

Food Pairing

The Zlahtina variety of white wine has a very famous food pairing that is served across most of the restaurants in countries of Europe such as Croatia, Italy, Hungary, France, Austria, Germany etc.

This very famous combination of food with the Zlahtina variety of white wine is the Mozzarella fig salad.

Although Mozzarella alone is a fantastic combination with the Zlahtina variety of white wine, the Mozzarella fid salad is also a wonderful combination.

Spicy foods are often considered as a very good food pairing when it comes to the Zlahtina variety of white wine.

A particularly tried and tested food pairing that works in sync with the Zlahtina variety of white wine is the pasta with rocket and chilli.

This is a spicy pasta combo with the the Zlahtina variety of white that is served in all the Italian restaurants across Europe and it is a very popular dish that has become a staple for the people living in these regions.

Apart from these combinations, several other spicy foods also go very well with the Zlahtina variety of white


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